Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Vick was reinstated to the NFL on Monday, just in time for training camp...

Man, am I tired of being right...

Now let's see who signs him, but I'm thinking he won't be signed until maybe week 4 when some other QBs aren't pulling they're weight.

P.S. The blog will be a little thin in the coming days/weeks due to a new show I'm working on that's taking up most of my time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

NFL Tweets - Decision on Vick?

According to NFL PR reps (and avid twitterers) Greg Aiello and
Brian McCarthy, Commissioner Roger Goodell has not made any decision on the Michael Vick situation, despite the fact that ESPN reports Goodell agreed to reinstate Vick with a 4 game suspension, allowing Vick to sign with a team in time for training camp.

Thank you twitter--The news directly from NFL reps as opposed to ESPN's unnamed "sources". It is very possible that Goodell is considering Vick's reinstatement. The two met Wednesday to discuss the situation. If he is reinstated he is not guarunteed to play. ESPN's Sal Paolantonio also stated that teams around the league just don't seem interested in Vick regardless.

Teams that might be interested in Vick at some point this season - St. Lous, Carolina, Minnesota (if Favre doesn't play), and even Washington if Campbell doesn't perform early on.

If Vick is reinstated, what teams do you think would be a good fit for him? What teams might consider him?

Roethlisberger Responds

Roethlisberger: "I did not sexually assault Andrea McNulty. Saturday was the first that I learned of her accusations. Her false and vicious allegations are an attack on my family and on me. I would never, ever force myself on a woman. I want to fight to protect my family and my reputation. I'm not going to discuss my private life or this civil case in the media. I'll respond to her outrageous allegations in the appropriate forum. I have an obligation to our fans, to my teammates, to my coaches and everyone in the organization to remain focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I will do that. The allegations against me are reckless and false. As much as I'd like to answer everyone's questions, I'm going to respect the legal process and I am confident that the truth will prevail. Thank you."

Well said Ben, how long did it take you to write that? Just kidding, we know you didn't write it, you payed someone to...I would've done the same thing.

Seriously tho, that's the right response. So some hooker you picked up in Nevada a year ago found out who you really were...no big deal. But did you not pay her? Was she that bad? Anyway, just stay focused on football and your team--let the legal system do it's thing. And if it turns out you *are* guilty, then I'm sure we'll all hear about it soon enough...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Training Camp Right Around Corner

It's that time of year again! Training camps open everywhere starting this weekend and let's use this opportunity to take a brief look at the team who starts working out first! Guess who?

Times up! It's the Buffalo Bills!

Where to start...inexperienced QB? Questionable draft choices? T.O.???

This year the Bills will definitely be expanding their passing game. I expect quarterback Trent Edwards to be working continuously to get comfortable with his new target, Terrell Owens. Speaking of whom, will this training camp be the T.O. show as well? He is definitely the big news in Buffalo, but the Bills have a lot of issues to consider this season, and having Owens on their team far from guarantees them a shot at the playoffs. The Bills are facing arguably the most competitive division in the AFC this season. Training camp will give everyone a better indication of what they bring to the table, but Buffalo needs some serious showings from both their newly acquired players, and their veteran Bills to prove they can stand up to the usually dominant Patriots, the reigning AFC East Champion Dolphins, and Rex Ryan's Jets. One thing is certain, the Bills will be working overtime this training camp and preseason, and if not...they damn well should be.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vick's Return

I mentioned in a previous post that I would expand on my thoughts on Vick returning.

I'm not going to.

Just kidding.

Here's how I see it. Vick was a formidable force on the field, quite frankly. Furthermore, I fanatically admit that Fantasy Football is Fantastic...

Seriously tho, I believe Goodell should reinstate Vick. He has served his time and should thus be given the chance to play professionally again. Don't jump down my throat just yet Vick-hater's, there's more to my response. Reinstating him in the league doesn't guarantee him playing in it. Owners, GMs, and coaches around the league have to feel that he is capable of adding something to their team, and the general sentiment around the league (according to the various media outlets) seems to be towards the negative, not to mention the potential PR nightmare that could ensue if and when he is picked up by someone.

Yes, I think Vick should be reinstated, but I don't think that any teams will jump at the chance to sign him (I have said that before). Secondly, if i was the owner of the Ravens, I'd argue that we don't need him, but if it were the Rams I'd strongly consider evaluating his playing ability. With teams experimenting with the Wildcat nowadays, and others desperate for a decent Quarterback, Vick's stock could increase as the season progresses. If anyone disagrees or agrees with me please comment...I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giants Wide Reciever Woes?

With no Plaxico or Amani this season, Giants fans everywhere have been asking what their team plans on doing about their receiver situation. The Giants are without a doubt a playoff contender, but do they still have all the pieces which made them Champions in 2007? One can argue that Plaxico's...um...mishap toward the end of last season not only put a crippling wound in his own leg, but also in the Super Bowl hopes of his teammates. Nevertheless, if we look at the major pieces of the Giants' championship team, we see that they still have most of those champion working parts--top ranked defense, solid QB plus a line who's more than capable of protecting him, and (if last season was any indication) a running back core that can level team defenses as if they were making way for new Walmart parking lots.

But let's not forget the game winning play of Super Bowl 42, a 20-some yard touchdown pass to the Giants leading receiver--Plaxico Burress.

Ok Giants fans here it is...Yes, you need a big play veteran wide out. You'll make the playoffs (or should anyway) with what you guys have, but the ticket to Super Bowl 44 could be one game-winning touchdown pass away. Yes, you have Hakeem Nicks and a few other young receivers waiting in the wings, but without a veteran like Burress or Toomer to give you guys the out-the-gate edge, you might need those first few games to see what you actually have to work with. Or look at it this way, the NFC (b)East isn't getting any easier. The veterans you're looking for are out there, waiting patiently in free agency, but with several other would-be Bowl contenders facing similar situations, you better act now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vick Update

Both Jamie Dukes and Solomon Wilcots seemed to agree that Vick should be reinstated. Their sentiments were voiced on today's airing of NFL Network's Total Access. Dukes argued that the St. Louis Rams would be the best fit for Vick, while Wilcots expressed thoughts that Vick should not forgo another NFL season and that his two year absence from the league was punishment enough.

Apparently I'm not the only one entertaining ideas of Vick's return to the NFL...

Would you reinstate Vick if you were Roger Goodell? If Yes, would you want him playing for your team? (I'll give you my answer later)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vick's Out

Michael Vick's sentence is up as of Monday, July 20th. But should he be allowed back in the NFL? And if so, who would want him?

The newly created United Football League (UFL) has already expressed interest in Vick, but does he have the same response from his once beloved NFL? Regardless of his crimes he was a solid football player, and can still bring some presence to the game. With teams experimenting with the wild cat offense last season and even more clubs expected to implement it this coming season, Vick's skills as a running quarterback might be just what some teams are missing. Will teams jump at the chance to snatch him up once he is deemed eligible to play? Probably not, but come mid-season, when injuries abound and the playoffs begin to take shape, we just might reevaluate the value of someone like Mike.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Favre and Away

Will Favre be back? Will his arm be ready? Does purple make you look younger? All these questions will hopefully be answered by July 30th, the start of training camp and the date Brett Favre has reportedly told the Vikings his desicion deadline will be.

We're still waiting??? There's a shock! You might just call this one Favre-watch 09! If I were the Vikings I would have given him that deadline a long time ago. If Favre wants to play--be there by the start of training camp--case closed. But these Vikings sure are more patient than the ones I used to read about. Aren't they supposed to be fierce and demanding?

Favre loves the game and clearly wants to play. If his Arm is ready he will be there by the start of training camp. But we'll know for sure in 15 days--hopefully.

Suggs Deal Done

Suggs agrees 6 yr/$63 Million deal with Ravens.

I think he took a tip from Matt Cassel since it's essentially the same deal! As a Ravens fan myself, I am quite content in the decision to go all-in with Suggs. He's proven himself to be a versatile defensive player that might one day accept the leadership torch from Ray Lewis. I just hope he doesn't get injured... that's a lot of money to see go to waste. Now that the Suggs deal is done, it's time for the Ravens to focus on getting a veteran receiver (or convincing Mason to stay).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cassel's Makin' Money

Kansas City Chiefs agree to $60 Million plus deal with new Quarterback Matt Cassel.

I don't know Kansas City... Cassel definitely showed us some talent with the help of Wes Welker and Randy Moss, and the system they have working in New England might have been a perfect place for him to step up and make a statement. But for Cassel, the Chiefs are a whole new flavor of Doritos... They've been in the process of rebuilding for what seems like ages now. Sure the deal sounds mouthwatering: starting QB, new team, lots of money. But you won't really know how good the situations is until you sink your teeth in to it.

The Chiefs were dead last in the AFC in 2008, and with an offense that averaged just under 200 passing yards a game, Cassel might have his work cut out for him. He might have to work a lot harder with a weaker offensive line, fewer big play targets, and a team that's been at the opposite end of the spectrum as the Patriots for the past years.

But who knows... Maybe the Chiefs have just bought the winning ticket. Maybe with Cassel and the leadership of new head coach Todd Haley, Kansas City can produce a winning team. Or maybe we'll all be looking at a beat up 2-9 team towards the end of November, wondering what the Chief's will do next...

New WR for the Ravens

As you may have heard, Baltimore Ravens veteran wide receiver Derrick Mason recently announced his retirement. Coming off an 11-5 regular season and a run to the AFC Championship Game, the Ravens are clearly looking to improve the team around surprise quarterback Joe Flacco.

Plain and simple...The Ravens need to fill the new void at WR. Sure sign Suggs and make sure he's happy, but then immediately focus on getting a veteran receiver like Mason. They have talent with Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams, but can they step up and make the big plays? With so many star receivers waiting in free agency (Plaxico Burress, Ike Hilliard, Amani Toomer) it now seems the Ravens should at least e-mail one of them... paging Marvin Harrison...

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