Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cassel's Makin' Money

Kansas City Chiefs agree to $60 Million plus deal with new Quarterback Matt Cassel.

I don't know Kansas City... Cassel definitely showed us some talent with the help of Wes Welker and Randy Moss, and the system they have working in New England might have been a perfect place for him to step up and make a statement. But for Cassel, the Chiefs are a whole new flavor of Doritos... They've been in the process of rebuilding for what seems like ages now. Sure the deal sounds mouthwatering: starting QB, new team, lots of money. But you won't really know how good the situations is until you sink your teeth in to it.

The Chiefs were dead last in the AFC in 2008, and with an offense that averaged just under 200 passing yards a game, Cassel might have his work cut out for him. He might have to work a lot harder with a weaker offensive line, fewer big play targets, and a team that's been at the opposite end of the spectrum as the Patriots for the past years.

But who knows... Maybe the Chiefs have just bought the winning ticket. Maybe with Cassel and the leadership of new head coach Todd Haley, Kansas City can produce a winning team. Or maybe we'll all be looking at a beat up 2-9 team towards the end of November, wondering what the Chief's will do next...

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