Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Favre and Away

Will Favre be back? Will his arm be ready? Does purple make you look younger? All these questions will hopefully be answered by July 30th, the start of training camp and the date Brett Favre has reportedly told the Vikings his desicion deadline will be.

We're still waiting??? There's a shock! You might just call this one Favre-watch 09! If I were the Vikings I would have given him that deadline a long time ago. If Favre wants to play--be there by the start of training camp--case closed. But these Vikings sure are more patient than the ones I used to read about. Aren't they supposed to be fierce and demanding?

Favre loves the game and clearly wants to play. If his Arm is ready he will be there by the start of training camp. But we'll know for sure in 15 days--hopefully.

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