Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giants Wide Reciever Woes?

With no Plaxico or Amani this season, Giants fans everywhere have been asking what their team plans on doing about their receiver situation. The Giants are without a doubt a playoff contender, but do they still have all the pieces which made them Champions in 2007? One can argue that Plaxico' toward the end of last season not only put a crippling wound in his own leg, but also in the Super Bowl hopes of his teammates. Nevertheless, if we look at the major pieces of the Giants' championship team, we see that they still have most of those champion working parts--top ranked defense, solid QB plus a line who's more than capable of protecting him, and (if last season was any indication) a running back core that can level team defenses as if they were making way for new Walmart parking lots.

But let's not forget the game winning play of Super Bowl 42, a 20-some yard touchdown pass to the Giants leading receiver--Plaxico Burress.

Ok Giants fans here it is...Yes, you need a big play veteran wide out. You'll make the playoffs (or should anyway) with what you guys have, but the ticket to Super Bowl 44 could be one game-winning touchdown pass away. Yes, you have Hakeem Nicks and a few other young receivers waiting in the wings, but without a veteran like Burress or Toomer to give you guys the out-the-gate edge, you might need those first few games to see what you actually have to work with. Or look at it this way, the NFC (b)East isn't getting any easier. The veterans you're looking for are out there, waiting patiently in free agency, but with several other would-be Bowl contenders facing similar situations, you better act now.

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