Thursday, July 23, 2009

NFL Tweets - Decision on Vick?

According to NFL PR reps (and avid twitterers) Greg Aiello and
Brian McCarthy, Commissioner Roger Goodell has not made any decision on the Michael Vick situation, despite the fact that ESPN reports Goodell agreed to reinstate Vick with a 4 game suspension, allowing Vick to sign with a team in time for training camp.

Thank you twitter--The news directly from NFL reps as opposed to ESPN's unnamed "sources". It is very possible that Goodell is considering Vick's reinstatement. The two met Wednesday to discuss the situation. If he is reinstated he is not guarunteed to play. ESPN's Sal Paolantonio also stated that teams around the league just don't seem interested in Vick regardless.

Teams that might be interested in Vick at some point this season - St. Lous, Carolina, Minnesota (if Favre doesn't play), and even Washington if Campbell doesn't perform early on.

If Vick is reinstated, what teams do you think would be a good fit for him? What teams might consider him?


  1. Vick gets reinstated, suspended 4 games (which is complete BS, the man was suspended 2+ years and served his time in prison. No team signs him and he plays in the UFL. He'll be back in he NFL in 2010

  2. Interesting thoughts Anon, i guess only time will tell. The UFL seems to be the best transition point for Vick, it would give everyone a chance to see whether or not he can still play, which could be beneficial or disastrous for Vick, depending on how he performs. This may also be difficult to discern since the UFL may not have the caliber of players the NFL has, thus creating more confusion about his skill set. If Vick is to return to the NFL this might be his last chance to do it, this season...or he might be all but forgotten in 2010.

  3. Vick did his time, i dont know why goodell is doing this, making his life mad hard for no reason. hopefully he will dominating in no time


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