Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Training Camp Right Around Corner

It's that time of year again! Training camps open everywhere starting this weekend and let's use this opportunity to take a brief look at the team who starts working out first! Guess who?

Times up! It's the Buffalo Bills!

Where to start...inexperienced QB? Questionable draft choices? T.O.???

This year the Bills will definitely be expanding their passing game. I expect quarterback Trent Edwards to be working continuously to get comfortable with his new target, Terrell Owens. Speaking of whom, will this training camp be the T.O. show as well? He is definitely the big news in Buffalo, but the Bills have a lot of issues to consider this season, and having Owens on their team far from guarantees them a shot at the playoffs. The Bills are facing arguably the most competitive division in the AFC this season. Training camp will give everyone a better indication of what they bring to the table, but Buffalo needs some serious showings from both their newly acquired players, and their veteran Bills to prove they can stand up to the usually dominant Patriots, the reigning AFC East Champion Dolphins, and Rex Ryan's Jets. One thing is certain, the Bills will be working overtime this training camp and preseason, and if not...they damn well should be.

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