Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vick's Out

Michael Vick's sentence is up as of Monday, July 20th. But should he be allowed back in the NFL? And if so, who would want him?

The newly created United Football League (UFL) has already expressed interest in Vick, but does he have the same response from his once beloved NFL? Regardless of his crimes he was a solid football player, and can still bring some presence to the game. With teams experimenting with the wild cat offense last season and even more clubs expected to implement it this coming season, Vick's skills as a running quarterback might be just what some teams are missing. Will teams jump at the chance to snatch him up once he is deemed eligible to play? Probably not, but come mid-season, when injuries abound and the playoffs begin to take shape, we just might reevaluate the value of someone like Mike.


  1. If Sanchez doesn't work out for the Jets, maybe they will snatch him up.

    How cool would that be if he did play for the UFL?

  2. i'm not so sure about the new UFL, might be another failed attempt for more football-another XFL deal...but I would undoubtedly watch it if Vick plays.


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