Friday, August 14, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Hey Football Fans - Been so busy with work that I haven't had time to blog...but I've been following the NFL as closely as possible! I have a few minutes so I'll do one quick post...

-Vick signs 2 year deal with Eagles
-Brady looks like old self
-Ravens start strong
-Owens Buffalo debut
-Stallworth suspended for season

A few quick comments on the small stuff before we tackle the big story;

Goodell is stern, stern but fair. See you in '10 Dante.

Brady had two TDs after a year of rehab, not bad, but will he show the same performance against a team at full strength? I'm gonna go with 'Probably'.

All of the Ravens QBs put up some points and ran solid drives - hello offense! And they shut out Washington - umm, just another season for the Defense.

Owens only played for a bit, but Edwards looked comfortable with his new target; anxious to see Buffalo face New England in week 1.

And finally, Vick joins a different flock.

Sit down kids, it's story time--After hearing the news this morning that Vick was finishing a deal, some colleagues and I went through every team discussing where he would fit. I argued that the most likely place for him to land would be St. Louis. One of the crew was a Giants fan and went over his division, deciding that no one was likely to take Vick. But I took a second thought when he mentioned Philadelphia. I also considered the Redskins, but a reminder of Haynesworth's contract tossed that theory out the window. But Philly? A part of me could see Vick in Eagles green, especially with the experimentation of the Wild Cat growing around the league, not to mention Philly's love-hate relationship with McNabb in recent seasons. My argument is short lived, however, as my friends continued eagerly through the teams.

This afternoon as we were finishing some shots for the show, one of the camera men rushes up to me holding his phone saying, "Dude, you were right!" and proceeds to show me a text message saying Vick had signed with the Eagles. Being right feels good...

That being said, I think that the Eagles made a wise choice, Vick can serve as a solid backup for an aging McNabb, who has been plagued with injury and inconsistent performance in the past. Plus it opens up the playbook having a versatile player in Vick, especially with the aforementioned Wild Cat offense sweeping the league. Vick's presence may prove even more crucial if the rumors that Kevin Kolb suffered a severe injury in camp are true.

At any rate it is an interesting move, one that will definitely remain in the news for the weeks to come...oh, and don't the Eagles play the Falcons later in the season? Oh my...

OK not so short a post after all - hopefully I'll be able to pot something again soon, and don't forget to follow me on twitter for quick reactions and news updates.

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