Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power Rankings - Week 4

This week I've decided to display my own power rankings. Most of you are probably thinking: He's going to put Baltimore at #1. And while yes, I think the Ravens are arguably the best team in the NFL, the Giants have the track record to prove they belong at the top. Next weeks match-up featuring Baltimore at New England will push the Ravens to #1 in my book, should they pull out the W. Nevertheless, this will be a true test of both their established defensive strength and their new found offensive supremacy. Also interesting is that I ranked the Jets generally higher than the experts, simply because they have all the right ingredients to be a dominant force in the NFL (they look a lot like the Ravens last year, only better). The Browns find themselves in the basement and are clearly the most dysfunctional team in the league, illustrated by the events of the weekend (i.e. erroneous fines and their display on the field). Anyway, without further delay, here it is...
As always, I would love feedback/questions/comments/arguments/etc. And be sure to check out the ESPN and NFL.com rankings, or rank them yourself!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Upset Picks Week 3

I like the Lions to beat the Skins, and Falcons to take out the Patriots.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ravens vs Chargers

Hey everybody,

I'm going to be at the Ravens-Chargers game on Sunday and I'm going to attempt a live game twitter...we'll see how this goes! Follow me at twitter.com/abente.

Tune in if you get the game, should be a great one to watch!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here's the Story of a Man Named Brady?

No, not Tom Brady...the other guy...

Brady Quinn was publicly named the Brown's starting Quarterback by head coach Eric Mangini after having kept it "hush hush" for the past few days/weeks.

Quinn looked good in the pre-season, but is he deserving of the starting spot? Only time will tell. All we can say now is that practice is over, the red jersey is off, and the defenses will be bringing the noise. But did Mangini's choice to keep his QB decision secret really make a difference?

No. Nothing has changed. Defenses around the league have prepared for game day the same as they would having known who they were facing. I seriously doubt that any other head coaches even batted an eye at Mangini's antics.

The Browns have to face two of the toughest defenses in the league...twice. Not to mention they're also facing the NFC North, the Chargers, and the Titans. If Quinn proves he isn't the right man for the job, I fear that Mangini's silence isn't the only thing we'll see broken...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Division Winners


AFC East - Patriots

AFC North - Ravens

AFC South - Colts

AFC West - Chargers

NFC East - Eagles

NFC North - Bears

NFC South - Saints

NFC West - Seahawks

Let the arguments begin!

AFC - The Patriots and the Chargers seem to be everyone's picks across the boards, and I'm no different. These teams are the best all around teams in there divisions without any major questions about their working parts. Call it a gut feeling about the Colts, but I think that despite big receiver questions, and injured players (Bob Sanders). they will put up a big fight against their big rival this year, the Titans. I also see the Texans taking some key wins this year, thus making the playoff race an even closer call. And maybe I'm a little biased with the Ravens, yes, but the buzz is that they looked nasty in pre-season, their defense is still one of the league's best, and their offense is poised to stun everyone this year. Look out Pittsburgh, the Ravens will be your nemesis even more so this year.

NFC - The Eagles will contend against the Giants this year, but watch down the stretch as the Eagles win some key match-ups and make that mid December game against the Giants the key to their division title. The Saints will contend against the Falcons for the title, but this year their offense will put up the points to match any team. The Bears are my big sleeper. Jay Cutler will strut his stuff on his new team and show why the Broncos should have placed a higher value on their former QB. Chicago will play tough games against division rivals Minnesota and Green Bay, but watch them fly relatively under the radar most of the season and pull it out down the stretch. As for the Seahawks...why not? Hasselbeck's healthy and showed some toughness in pre-season, I'm not convinced the Cardinals will be a great team this year, and the rest of the division looks pretty pathetic. So yes, I'm going with Seattle as my, "why not" pick, and I'm waiting to be proven wrong...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fantasy Sleepers

For those of you playing fantasy football this year here are some sleepers which may still be available in your league.

Greg Olsen (TE - CHI)

Ray Rice (RB - BAL)

Olsen showed outstanding effort and play-making ability last year despite only being thrown to a handful of times. This year he is the starting tight end and has the arm of Jay Cutler throwing to him...

Ray Rice showed last year that he can run with the big dogs. His effort in camp and pre-season shows that he is more versatile a running back than both McClain and McGahee. Watch for Rice to get more carries as the season progresses, and put up more fantasy points than the other running backs with his plays. Nonetheless, all three Baltimore RBs will be used this season and I weap for the defenses facing that three-headed monster.

Pick Preview

Hey Everyone,

The Season is right around the corner! I know I'm excited. I'll be posting some weekly picks and keeping you updated on my pick ratio (last year I was in the 98 percentile of all of Yahoo sports, and 96 the previous year, not a bad track record). I'm not saying I encourage you to bet on my choices, but I will provide them - you do what you want with that information...

Brandon a Jet?

Newsday reports that the New York Jets are interested in trading for Brandon Marshall

The Jets could use a big play receiver like Marshall to help out Sanchez, should he win the starting QB roll (which seems all but certain at this point). Will Denver bite? My instincts point to no; they've already lost a competent quarterback, and the loss of Marshall would continue to diminish whatever offensive force Denver has left.

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