Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Division Winners


AFC East - Patriots

AFC North - Ravens

AFC South - Colts

AFC West - Chargers

NFC East - Eagles

NFC North - Bears

NFC South - Saints

NFC West - Seahawks

Let the arguments begin!

AFC - The Patriots and the Chargers seem to be everyone's picks across the boards, and I'm no different. These teams are the best all around teams in there divisions without any major questions about their working parts. Call it a gut feeling about the Colts, but I think that despite big receiver questions, and injured players (Bob Sanders). they will put up a big fight against their big rival this year, the Titans. I also see the Texans taking some key wins this year, thus making the playoff race an even closer call. And maybe I'm a little biased with the Ravens, yes, but the buzz is that they looked nasty in pre-season, their defense is still one of the league's best, and their offense is poised to stun everyone this year. Look out Pittsburgh, the Ravens will be your nemesis even more so this year.

NFC - The Eagles will contend against the Giants this year, but watch down the stretch as the Eagles win some key match-ups and make that mid December game against the Giants the key to their division title. The Saints will contend against the Falcons for the title, but this year their offense will put up the points to match any team. The Bears are my big sleeper. Jay Cutler will strut his stuff on his new team and show why the Broncos should have placed a higher value on their former QB. Chicago will play tough games against division rivals Minnesota and Green Bay, but watch them fly relatively under the radar most of the season and pull it out down the stretch. As for the Seahawks...why not? Hasselbeck's healthy and showed some toughness in pre-season, I'm not convinced the Cardinals will be a great team this year, and the rest of the division looks pretty pathetic. So yes, I'm going with Seattle as my, "why not" pick, and I'm waiting to be proven wrong...


  1. AFC north pick a little biased I feel? Steelers are the reigning champs, and they did beat the Ravens 3 times last year, honestly think Flacco and Harbaugh are up to the challenge?

  2. i admitted the pick was biased...but i dont see the steelers beating the Ravens like they did last year...and ESPN Chris Mortensen agrees with this prediction - "The Ravens are going to win the AFC North. Then I put them in the pool of four or five teams that can win the Super Bowl. But every time I pick the Super Bowl, I get it wrong. I know this much – two months ago when anybody asked me, I said the Patriots and the Eagles, instinctively. I think the Ravens will be right there with the Patriots, I really do."

    check out the full article

  3. Yes, the Ravens looked good in pre-season, but the Steelers are a force to be reckoned with! It will be fun to watch as the season progresses!!!


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