Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here's the Story of a Man Named Brady?

No, not Tom Brady...the other guy...

Brady Quinn was publicly named the Brown's starting Quarterback by head coach Eric Mangini after having kept it "hush hush" for the past few days/weeks.

Quinn looked good in the pre-season, but is he deserving of the starting spot? Only time will tell. All we can say now is that practice is over, the red jersey is off, and the defenses will be bringing the noise. But did Mangini's choice to keep his QB decision secret really make a difference?

No. Nothing has changed. Defenses around the league have prepared for game day the same as they would having known who they were facing. I seriously doubt that any other head coaches even batted an eye at Mangini's antics.

The Browns have to face two of the toughest defenses in the league...twice. Not to mention they're also facing the NFC North, the Chargers, and the Titans. If Quinn proves he isn't the right man for the job, I fear that Mangini's silence isn't the only thing we'll see broken...

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