Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power Rankings - Week 4

This week I've decided to display my own power rankings. Most of you are probably thinking: He's going to put Baltimore at #1. And while yes, I think the Ravens are arguably the best team in the NFL, the Giants have the track record to prove they belong at the top. Next weeks match-up featuring Baltimore at New England will push the Ravens to #1 in my book, should they pull out the W. Nevertheless, this will be a true test of both their established defensive strength and their new found offensive supremacy. Also interesting is that I ranked the Jets generally higher than the experts, simply because they have all the right ingredients to be a dominant force in the NFL (they look a lot like the Ravens last year, only better). The Browns find themselves in the basement and are clearly the most dysfunctional team in the league, illustrated by the events of the weekend (i.e. erroneous fines and their display on the field). Anyway, without further delay, here it is...
As always, I would love feedback/questions/comments/arguments/etc. And be sure to check out the ESPN and NFL.com rankings, or rank them yourself!

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