Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Fired" Up!

It's no secret, there are two coaches in the league that are under severe scrutiny from their fans. I'm talking of course about Buffalo's Dick Jauron and Washington's Jim Zorn. But how close to the chopping block should these coaches really be?

USA Today reported yesterday that Bills owner Ralph Wilson had a strict "no comment" on whether or not Coach Jauron would keep his job for the remainder of the season. Even I was a little impressed with the Bills, who, during their first game against the ever-dominant Patriots, came out looking sharp with their no-huddle playbook . But that was short lived as the subsequent games revealed their true colors. This team is in need of a serious overhaul, coaching included. Sunday's game against Cleveland left all hopes of a resurgence punted away, along with the Bills chances of scoring a Touchdown. Some argue that the problem lies with their aging coach, who seems less and less inspired with each ticking minute of the play-clock. In today's league, you will not win games without a coach who can inspire and push his players, and if you don't believe me, take a look at Mike Singletary's 49ers.

Changing coaches mid-season is no easy task by an measure and won't solve all of a team's problems, but it can offer a much needed gear change. Here's how I see it: fire Jauron, let someone take over in the interim and start interviewing, there's still a lot of season left to play and, clearly, things aren't getting any better under this regime. Finding a new coach wouldn't be that hard anyway with plenty of talent out there (Schottenheimer, Holmgren, maybe even, dare i say, Cower! Hello???).

The Redskins thought they had found their man after starting 6-2 last season. Since then, however, they are a less than satisfying 5-8. Lackluster QB play? Defense not performing? Bad Coaching? The Skins have spent plenty of money building what looks like a solid team on paper, but they can't seem to find a way to win. 

Maybe it's time for Zorn to take a seat and let someone else have a go. One thing is certain, the glory days of Joe Gibbs are long gone. The Skins need to find a coach who brings something new and exciting to the table, not someone can just fit into Gibbs' shoes.

Other coaches who should be in the hot seat - Tom Cable, Eric Mangini

Let's just put Tom Cable and Al Davis in a ring and let them duke it out. Winner stays. I wonder how many Raiders' Fans would rather watch that than their team play this Sunday. And as for Mangini? Oy...

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