Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Night Madness

Packers-Vikings tonight...and holy cow, Brett Favre's playing on the other team!!

The media has hyped this one up beyond all measure, so any further hyping comments I have will be quietly benched along with Tavaris Jackson (too harsh?).

If I was a packers fan, I'd be a little pissed seeing our glorious hero come back (again) only to beat down what remains of our beloved team. Here's how I see it: the Packer's have to win this game for so many reasons, but yes, mainly to prove they've truly moved on and are ready to compete with Aaron Rogers at the helm. That being said, I'm still going with the Vikings to take this one because they are the better team. The problems with the Packers O-line, along with a less than stout run defense tells me that the Cheese-heads have more to worry about then Favre sporting royal purple.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited for the game. I love seeing Brett play and with the enthusiasm for the game he loves, plus I always enjoy a good rivalry. This will no doubt be one for the ages...


  1. great blog.... total agreemnet! Insightful yet humble... Sir Paulie

  2. thanks so much! And I'm tired of being right...haha. Congrats to Favre and the Vikings, he's truly a class act and a great player!

  3. where can i find a jersey like that to buy???? The only one I have seen to purchase is half green and half white. can anyone help??


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