Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick Ravens Reaction...

OK, so i need to blow off a little steam...

Ravens 21, Patriots 27

COME ON!!!!!! Whew...ok calming down...

In my opinion, the Ravens lost that game more then the Pats won it, if that makes any sense. Yes I'm biased, but I've seen New England edge out (or squeak-by) their opponents waaaay to many times to know that you have to play near-perfect football to secure a victory against them. And the Ravens fell short. It seemed that every minor mistake they made came back to haunt them 10-fold. I'm sure coach Harbaugh would agree with me, having (somehow) added to the issue list himself.

Despite some "questionable" calls (which seems to be the MO every time these teams meet), messy turnovers, and crucial dropped passes, the Ravens played one hell of a game on the road against the Patriots, who clearly had something to prove. Both of these teams showed they stand tall in the elite class of the AFC, and will likely be meeting again in the post-season.

There are a lot of positive things the Ravens can take away from this game...Flacco is more then capable of handling a come-back drive, our defense can still make big plays when it needs to, and there are obviously improvements to be made both sides of the football, many of whiche were highlighted in today's game.

They might not be the best team in the AFC/NFL just yet, but the Ravens are well on their way...ok, I feel better now.

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