Monday, November 2, 2009

2 Min. Drill - Part II

Oakland loses to San Diego.

Hmm...Jim Mora's words sum it up: "PLAYOFFS??? PLAYOFFS???"
What can I say about the Raiders? Let's put it this way: if I wanted to know my future, I certainly wouldn't want Richard Seymour reading my palm. The Raiders aren't going anywhere near the post-season, especially with JaMarcus Russel at the helm.

Titans start Young and win their first game.

Young (and maybe the bye week) seemed to be the spark that ignited the Titans previously cold offense, and defense, and...well the whole team. What's ahead for the Titans? Right now, three winnable games, which will be a good test to see if there is anything left of last years AFC powerhouse.

Favre returns to Lambeau and wins.

...see 2 Min. Drill - part I

1 comment:

  1. Would like your thoughts on SF. They seem to be making the comeback of the year!


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