Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Expecting The Unexpected

Hmm, where to start... The seemingly hopeless Buccaneers beating the Packers? The Broncos 6-2 start? The Giants sudden 4 game losing streak? The previously dominant Titans starting off 0-6? Is the NFL becoming harder and harder to predict? Have we fallen in to such disorganized chaos that every week means anything can happen???

Ok, so it's not that insane, but it's certainly one reason why I love this sport. It seems true, now more than ever, that really anything can happen each week. Few predicted that the 0-7 Buccaneers, who, with the help of rookie Josh Freeman, would beat the favorite Green Bay Packers to win their first game of the season. Perhaps even fewer had foreseen that the New York Giants, one of the NFL's most talented teams, would lose four straight going into their bye. Or that the NFC East lead would be none other than the Dallas Cowboys, whom experts didn't really give a shot at anything when the season started.

Yes, the NFL is hard to predict, but that also makes it exciting. Who needs trash talking celebs and housewife drama when you have the original form of "Reality TV" every Sunday! I may not study the game footage, or interview the players like the experts do each week, but I have noticed that sometimes a little bit of information and gut instinct might be all one needs to predict a winner. Last year I ranked in the 98th percentile of all Yahoo! NFL Picks, and with more correct than most of the experts, but my picks seemed to come more from feeling than analysis. This year my picks have been lacking, perhaps because I'm thinking too much each week, analyzing every detail. Luck? Coincidence? You decide.

Now I'm not saying that blindly picking games can give you expert like accuracy, so I don't advise running off to Vegas to throw down cash on teams because you like their choice of Jersey that week. But now more than ever, the term "Any Given Sunday" seems prevalent. Friends and family often call me for football advice, commentary, or fantasy player options, and I feel confident in my responses, but when it comes to what they will see in upcoming games, my best advice is this: expect the unexpected...

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