Friday, November 13, 2009


-NFL fines Chad Ochocinco $20K for "Bribing Officials"
-Jay Cutler fined $20K for abusive conduct toward officials.
-Mike Smith, Albert Haynesworth fined for "brawl".

Aside from Mike Smith, who looked like he was trying to stop the fight more than throw a punch, members of the NFL need to realize that they are public figures and should act accordingly. Jay, Chad, it's time to grow up. Cutler has had some tantrums in the past and this recent outburst doesn't show that he's maturing. As for Ochocinco, you have been loud, flashy and obnoxious for years and the only one you seem to be entertaining is yourself. Up until this year, I felt most of your "talk" seemed a bit superfluous, especially after your poor performance last year. Let me put it in terms you might understand: Show your confidence on the field by making plays and scoring touchdowns, as you have in recent games. If you keep playing the way you think you can play then, sure, run your mouth all you want. I'm sure you'll continue to get all of the media attention (and, no doubt, all of the fines) you can handle...child, please...

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