Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NFLReaction.com Power Rankings - Week 9

The Saints proved again that they are the best team in the league on Monday Night Football, with a win over rival Atlanta. Despite giving the Falcons a chance for an improbable comeback, the Saints still flexed their Offensive and Defensive muscles throughout the game.

I've ranked the Texans higher than most experts at number 12. With a 5-3 record, they face Indianapolis in week 9. We could see the Texans in the top 10 very soon if they can find a way to hand the Colts their first loss. And after the way the Colts struggled against the 49ers in week 8, the Texans should feel a little more confident about the match-up.

The Ravens win over the Broncos should bring Denver back down to earth, but not down in the rankings as they are still a dominant team with a well earned 6-1 record.

The Giants find themselves tumbling down the rankings after their third straight loss. Hopefully they can regain some momentum when San Diego comes to town on Sunday, or the mighty G-Men will fall even further.

Be sure to check out other Power Rankings around the web, including ESPN.com and NFL.com, and compare, contrast, or rank them yourself!

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  1. The Saints have had their best season ever! How do you think they'll do against the Panthers this week?


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