Monday, November 2, 2009

Ravens D Back In Action

Some call it desperation; others say necessity; but the bottom line is: The Baltimore Ravens came to play on Sunday. In a 30-7 beat down of the Denver Broncos, the Ravens brought back something that had been lacking in the past few games -- their Defense. The Broncos could not seem to get anything going against the Ravens "bye-week refreshed" unit, save for one decent TD drive. The Ravens offense also shined against Denver's top ranked defense, scoring more points than Denver had allowed in a game all season.

Denver should not be worried about the loss. They sit comfortably at the top of the AFC West and should still have little problem taking the division. As for the Ravens, their Defense looked like the unit we're used to seeing in Baltimore, but Flacco and the offense can still pack a punch. If the Ravens can keep this balance, like we saw in the first few games, they will once again find themselves among the elite in the NFL. Next week's challenge against the rested Bengals is another must win, especially if the Ravens want a shot at winning the division. If they play with the same intensity as they did against Denver, Cincinnati will have their hands full...

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