Monday, November 16, 2009

The Right Call?

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick chose to go for it on 4th and 2...on their own 28 yard line...with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Gutsy? If you get the first down you can run out the clock and end the game. If you don't, you're giving Peyton Manning the chance to score a game winning touchdown, on a short field, with only seconds remaining. Foolish? Belichick went for it...

And they just missed the first down; receiver bobbled it; refs call it short of the marker. Turnover on downs. Peyton Manning goes to work. Touchdown. Extra point good, 35-34. Game over.

What would you do? With names like Brady, Welker, or Moss lining up on your side of the ball, the odds don't look so bad, do they? If you get 2 yards, you can end the game.

Belichick gambled and lost. Happens to most of us. He believed more in his offense than his defense in that moment. And why not? If you asked me to bet for or against the Patriots offense, I'd bet 'for' 90% of the time. I detest the patriots, I'll be honest. They're too good, and Belichick know's how to win games with his team, but I can't criticize him for his decision. My reaction is: it was a gutsy call, not the wrong one. If the Pats had gotten the 1st down and ended the game, Belichick would most likely be praised as a genius.

Would I have made the same choice? No. At the 50 yard line, probably, but 30 yards is a gimme to Peyton Manning, against any defense, but he's also engineered amazing comeback drives with the whole field. I would have kicked it and hoped my defense could come up with a big play or two. But Belichick's the Coach, it was his call, and one he'll probably remember for a long time.

If you want to criticize or comment, put yourself in Belichicks shoes. Look what you have to work with, consider the moment, and I ask again: what would you do?

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  1. While I personally hate Belicheck and all that is the Patriots I sadly must agree with the ballsy call he made. With over 2min left in the game you simply cannot turn the ball over to Peyton Manning and the Colts' offense especially considering the season they've had so far. Also from Belicheck's point of view his offense, one of the best in the NFL, only had to gain another 2 yards, on any given offensive play the Patriots made this year you could bet they would gain at least 2 yards, therefore I completely understand why Belicheck made the call, he has Brady, Welker, Moss and a plethora of offensive powerhouses on which he can, and has routinely, relied in clutch situation (see: the Patriots' undefeated season, and three Super Bowl rings, many of those won games came on final drives where Belicheck put full confidence in his offense and way more often than not his trust in his team paid off immensely. Also, the flow of the game plays a huge role in Belicheater's decision to go for it - the Colts had only allowed a max of 23 points scored on them in a single game this season prior to facing NE, the Patriots then scored 24 points on Indy in the first half! New England's offense was quite dominant the majority of the game with the Colt's defense struggling to stop Brady's passing game. I therefore, albeit with remorse, agree with Belicheck's decision to go for it on a critical 4th and 2.


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