Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 11 Power Rankings

I take the Colts at #1 this week with there win over the Patriots. Despite Belichicks questionable judgement, the come from behind victory showed the Colts can make anything happen. The Saints land at #2 with ugly wins over there previous opponents. Something tells me that if the Colts played the Saints next week, the Colts would remain undefeated.

The Vikings, Bengals, and Patriots still remain among the NFL elite and take there positions at 3-5 accordingly. The Chargers look like a playoff team now and could take control of the AFC West if they defeat the Broncos next week in Denver. The Broncos, however, may easily find themselves on a 4 game losing streak if Kyle Orton's injury proves to be serious.

The Ravens shut out the Browns, the worst team in the NFL, on Monday Night Football in old Ravens fashion, with a strong Defensive showing. They'll need to identify their problems and step up their game if they want to beat Indy and Pittsburgh in the next two weeks and keep their playoff hopes afloat.

As always comments and questions are welcome. I'll be happy to elaborate on your favorite team's spot. Be sure to check out the power rankings on ESPN and NFL.com as well.

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