Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 9 Picks

Ok, I'm 82-47 on the year...not fantastic, but still half the season left.

Here are my week 9 picks (trying something new):

 - Bears struggling; 49ers ready to break losing streak.

 - Skins shouldn't be a problem for them.
 - Titans on a roll; Bills aren't.
 - Saints best team in the NFL; Rams far from it.
 - Big game but seem to have the edge on the Bengals.
 - Coming off a bye, plenty of time to prepare for Jags.
 - No contest against the Lions.
 - Tampa Bay perfect rebound after loss to the Pats.
 - Atlanta won't make the mistakes Carolina will.
 - Haven't played aweful football, can beat Oakland.
 - Fired up after win over Giants; Eagles will fall short too.
 - Cowboys are hot; Packers are not.
 - Coming off a big game; should roll over Seahawks.
 - Colts won't be able to pull this one out.

 - Browns are the worst team in the league, 'nuff said.

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