Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pre Pro Bowl "Reaction"

While I am beyond excited about attending my first Pro Bowl, I am also contemplative about the game and its future. I just read an interesting, and very astute article (link here) about the current problems with the NFL's All-Star game. Read the article for yourself, but I must say I highly agree. Mainly, the game cannot be an "all-star game" if the all-stars aren't playing in it. More and more players drop out each year with alleged ailments and injuries, and now with the Super Bowl taking priority for the best teams. First problem, attendance - I would argue that if you are selected to the Pro Bowl, you should not be payed unless you participate in the game, simple.

The other major issue is when and where the game is held. Hold it in the Super Bowl host city;  hold it in Miami, Hawaii, wherever. I don't think location matters as much as timing (although it is easier for fans to travel to the lower 48 then to Hawaii). I heard one suggestion that I would also promote - hold the Pro Bowl in August, effectively kicking off the next season. Wait until people are so starved for Football that they will watch anything to prepare themselves for the new season. Hold the game before (or during) Pre-Season, thus starting the season off with the all-stars from the previous year, creating excitement for the upcoming season, as well as providing an additional reason for players to maintain and improve during their off-season.

Anyway, it's all just food for thought and I hope the NFL finds a proper solution for the problematic Pro Bowl. I'm off to the game, so check out my twitter for updates and be sure to come back here this week for a post game reaction and preview of Super Bowl XLIV!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pro Bowl Warm Up

For those of you excited about the Pro Bowl (is anyone anymore?) I will be heading down Saturday and attending the game on Sunday. I'll try and post pre- and post-game blog reports/reactions, depending on my schedule, but be sure to check my twitter page during the game for highlights, comments, and pictures from the action!

I'll also be in Miami through the week attending Media Day and other pre-Super Bowl events, as well as shooting Inside the NFL, all of which I will most definitely be blogging and tweeting about. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saints Headed to Miami and 1st Super Bowl

Wow, all I can say is: what a game! Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints who are on their way to their first Super Bowl in franchise history! I'm exhausted after that nail-biter, but a great day of Championship Football nonetheless!

Good luck to the Colts and Saints who have earned their places in Super Bowl XLIV, two weeks from now! See you (as well as all you Pro Bowlers) in Miami next week...

Colts Advance to Super Bowl

Despite a great start, the Jets couldn't continue to stop Manning as he figured out the New York Defense and began carving through it like an 18 inch knife through a warm New York bagel.

After that performance, I'm going to have to go with the Colts to win the Super Bowl, regardless of who wins the next game. I believe that if the Saints win the NFC, the Bowl will be a close one with both offenses and defenses making plays left and right. I think the Colts will be able to roll more easily over the Vikings, however, who won't be able to compete with someone as smart as Manning, not even with a veteran like Favre at the helm.

Nevertheless, time for the NFC Championship!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Championship Round Picks

Ok ok, so I'm 3-5 in the playoffs...pretty pathetic...but I'm gonna keep my confidence up and pick the championship games too!

Here we go:

For the AFC Game I'm going to have to take Indianapolis. While I'm a firm believer that defense wins football games (and the Jets have the best), Manning has proven that there is no defense for perfect passes...and you know Dwight Freeney and the Colts Defense will be hungry for Jets' Rookie QB Mark Sanchez. The Jets D should keep it a close game, but if they can't get to Manning, the Colts are going to the Super Bowl.

As for the NFC... This one, to me, is the harder pick of the two games (albeit they are both outstanding match-ups). I'll expect the Saints to top the Vikings, and this could be an old fashion shootout. Both teams this year have played superbly, but have also faltered against lesser opponents. Turnovers, and big defensive plays will determine this one, but it'll be interesting to see which team can prevent more points from being scored. I'd like to see Favre make it to the Super Bowl one more time, but the Vikings shaky secondary play doesn't seem capable of handling Brees and the dangerous Saints offense. Mark it down...I'm goin' with New Orleans.

Enjoy the games everyone! I'm off to New York to start work at Showtime Sports on Monday! I'll be heading to Miami January 30th for the Pro Bowl and Inside the NFL (and other fun stuff during the week leading up to the Super Bowl), so stay tuned for exciting blog posts from all the action!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Divisional Round Picks

After an abysmal 1-3 last week (even though my only correct pick was the Ravens, happily), here are my divisional round picks...if you want to hear them:


Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wild Card Weekend Picks

So my regular season record this year is 167-93. Now on to the playoffs...

Here are my wild card picks:

BENGALS (I don't think they'll lose the rematch, this team is better than that)
EAGLES (same reason)
RAVENS (wishful thinking)
PACKERS (the rout of Arizona was no fluke)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year Indeed!

I have recently accepted a position as Associate Producer for Showtime Sports. I will be covering the NFL, Boxing, MMA/UFC, and NASCAR, among other sports, producing and developing segments for teir various programming...

Woohoo! Needless to say, I'm very excited about my new job and I'll be moving to New York within a few weeks to start working full time at their Manhattan office. I'll do my best to keep updating as often as possible, hopefully with new and exciting posts from my travels and events!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and I wish you all fortune and success in 2010!

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