Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pre Pro Bowl "Reaction"

While I am beyond excited about attending my first Pro Bowl, I am also contemplative about the game and its future. I just read an interesting, and very astute article (link here) about the current problems with the NFL's All-Star game. Read the article for yourself, but I must say I highly agree. Mainly, the game cannot be an "all-star game" if the all-stars aren't playing in it. More and more players drop out each year with alleged ailments and injuries, and now with the Super Bowl taking priority for the best teams. First problem, attendance - I would argue that if you are selected to the Pro Bowl, you should not be payed unless you participate in the game, simple.

The other major issue is when and where the game is held. Hold it in the Super Bowl host city;  hold it in Miami, Hawaii, wherever. I don't think location matters as much as timing (although it is easier for fans to travel to the lower 48 then to Hawaii). I heard one suggestion that I would also promote - hold the Pro Bowl in August, effectively kicking off the next season. Wait until people are so starved for Football that they will watch anything to prepare themselves for the new season. Hold the game before (or during) Pre-Season, thus starting the season off with the all-stars from the previous year, creating excitement for the upcoming season, as well as providing an additional reason for players to maintain and improve during their off-season.

Anyway, it's all just food for thought and I hope the NFL finds a proper solution for the problematic Pro Bowl. I'm off to the game, so check out my twitter for updates and be sure to come back here this week for a post game reaction and preview of Super Bowl XLIV!


  1. I like your idea in regards to scheduling the Pro Bowl in August to build excitement to a football starved society. However, one problem I see if the NFL schedules the Pro Bowl prior to the upcoming new season, is the risk of injury to key players.

  2. I was on the road a bit today listening to Sportstalk.

    It was amusing to hear the two stations carrying the game trying to hype it and saying those blasting the game were wrong. But the local station without it was talking MMA, and the national ones were ignoring it as if it did not exist.....

  3. interesting points, I agree that the injury to players is the main concern, but since the game is played so casually, I would consider that a minor concern if anything. But it seems that the ratings for the Pro Bowl were the highest in 10 years, prompting the commission to continue its "week before" idea...even though the game is supposedly moving back to Hawaii next year.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out...


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