Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Media Day Reaction


Ok, now that I've caught my breath, I must say that Media day was an absolutely amazing and exciting event to attend. Once I was over the initial shock of actually being in the midst of my "dream job", I composed myself and began focusing on the tasks ahead of me and what needed to be accomplished before the end of the interview sessions. Between meeting the players, working directly with Junior Seau as the reporter for Showtime, chatting with fellow sports reporters and personalities including Jamie Dukes and Tiki Barber, and even filming some footage on my own, I was able to absorb the "organized chaos" that was Media Day in my own personal way. I quickly found myself more and more comfortable and, interestingly enough, quite at home in the sports media world.

Between Media day, the Pro Bowl, and Inside the NFL, I've amassed a wealth of information, quotes,  photographs, and experience that I plan on sharing as soon as I have the time...

Stay tuned followers! I promise to have exciting content about the fun week leading up to the Super Bowl, plus my preview of the big game posted by the end of the week, so be sure to check back!

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