Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Odds for Super Bowl XLV

With this year's Super Bowl in the books, oddsmakers in Las Vegas have already started looking at next year's game...Super Bowl XLV. The Colts, who just lost if I recall correctly, are favored to win XLV at 13/2 odds. I'm going to assume then that this was just a warm-up for next years game, no big deal. The Chargers follow at 8/1, while our third place runners up, the Saints (who just won) and the Patriots stand at 10/1 odds. Where are my Ravens? Ah, a respectable 20/1...no complaints there.

Is it too soon to place bets on next year Super Bowl? If you're a fan of the top teams, maybe a $100 could be a fun off-season wager. But say you're a fan of the Buffalo Bills or Kansas City Chiefs, a mere ten bucks will win you a cool G (if they SOMEHOW manage to win the big game). Putting down that C-note could get you $10,000, but you had better be prepared to lose your bet money. I don't foresee any of the bottom feeders getting to the Bowl next year, sorry...

...miracles/disasters pending.

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