Friday, February 19, 2010

Who's Going Where?? (WRs)

With Free Agency around the corner, people are already talking about who's moving, who's staying, who's retiring, and who's up in the air. So has of course decided to do a little playing in the mud as well!

Let's see, who are some big names...let's talk Wide Receivers this time around, and how about the biggest name right now - Terrell Owens

With his brief year in Buffalo coming to an end, Owens is likely to find a new home in 2010. I don't see him returning to the Bills. He wasn't the answer in Buffalo (who need a lot more help than a star WR), and with a teams out there desperate for a big play receivers, Owens should be moving on again. NFL Network's Jamie Dukes pointed out Chicago as a likely landing spot for T.O., which makes sense as the Bears are desperate for a receiving core, let alone one big name receiver. It's possible that Owens could be a Chicago Bear next season, but with Anquan Boldin and Brandon Marshall also looking for new homes, the Bears may favor their other options over Mr. Owens.

On a side note, Chad Ochocinco has been tweeting away about wanting Owens with him on the Bengals, and has even suggested taking a pay cut to get support from the office. It's an interesting thought, but I think the Bengals will look for younger talent in the draft to fill their receiver needs. Could you imagine T.O. and Ochocinco on the same team?? As if the AFC North needs any more trash talk and animosity among the division...

Anquan Boldin was targeted by Baltimore last year, and even though the Ravens recently acquired Donte Stallworth, Boldin would still fit well into the Ravens' offensive plans for this season. Ozzie Newsome and the administration have shown interest in both Boldin and Brandon Marshall, but the reluctance of Newsome to give up first round picks makes me wonder if Baltimore will be able to deal more than teams like Chicago, St. Louis, and even the New York Jets, who are all in the mix for these guys.

That's all I have time to discuss for now, but stay tuned for more analysis on the upcoming free agency market...


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