Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New OT Rules

The NFL voted for a change in the playoff overtime rules. It passed. Now during tied playoff games, if the winner of the overtime coin toss scores a field goal, the other team has a chance to tie it with a field goal, or win with a touchdown. If the team ties it again with a field goal, the next team to score wins.

REALLY!?!?! Well I feel bad for all the field goal kickers out there, your job just became that much more meaningless, especially if this rule change extends to the regular season (which it could if votes pass in May).

For all you wannabe kickers out there, there's two ways to look at this change. One, it will force teams to try and win before regulation ends, eliminating overtime games almost all together making clutch kickers more valuable. Or two, kickers will become semi-obsolete because everyone will be trying to go for six at all costs to prevent any further gameplay, which could end up resulting in just more time spent slinging the ball all over the field, making that hard-to-come-by star quarterback all the more invaluable.

Will it make the game more exciting? Maybe, but I think the bottom line is that the NFL is forgetting one major part of the game...there are two sides of the ball, offense AND defense. If your team can't stop the other team from scoring regardless of a coin toss, I'm not sure you're good enough to continue on in the playoffs. Or I'm mistaken and maybe defenses are more of the focus in this new rule change. If your team can score the first FG, then it becomes the defenses job to stop the other team...hmm. So defense can still win football games, wow.

But hey, with names like Manning, Brees, and Favre making the headlines, who cares about top ranked defenders like...who's his face and....what's his name...Jay Lewis? And people wonder why we have a pass happy league now...But then I'm reminded of the most recent Super Bowl, the top two offenses  set to battle it out, and how was it decided? A crucial interception TD return? Hmm...


  1. I like the new rules man. I'm tired of seeing a team lose without touching the ball in OT. Kick off, run back to 35, gain 30 yards, game over.

  2. I think there's plenty of time to win in regulation...the change I wouldve likes to see is letting the home team have the ball first...make home field mean that much more

  3. I agree with Bri, it was an overdue rule change.

  4. Well the NFL agrees as well hence the change...and they've kept me happy thus far...who am I to argue.

  5. Now, if only they would allow decent end zone celebrations!


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