Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update

Well it certainly was a busy weekend...for the NFL at least, not for me, I spent most of it on the couch watching movies...which was outstanding. Anyway it's time to catch up on what we may have missed...

Cleveland Browns sign Jake Delhomme and trade Brady Quinn to Denver Broncos.

Well, Holmgren has cleaned house and the Browns are now looking at an entirely brand-new "questionable quarterback scenario". While I agree that Cleveland needed a serious QB overhaul, I'm not so sure that they're doing it the right way. Delhomme is far from the Super Bowl caliber quarterback he was 6 years ago and Seneca Wallace hasn't proven himself to be a franchise quarterback yet. But this deal could revitalize both players as such a change has done in the past (see Kurt Warner). As for Quinn, perhaps his destiny lies in Denver where he (while likely serving as backup to Kyle Orton) could be thrust into a do-or-die scenario and come out on least Quinn's probably thinking that...

LaDanian Tomlinson agrees to a 2-year deal with the New York Jets.

The Jets are certainly making some major off-season noise, their second, no third year in a row. Last year, if you recall, Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez made headlines, and the year before Favre...and this year we add to the list LaDanian Tomlinson. Brought on to support/compliment rising star Shonn Greene, Tomlinson should fill the void left by Thomas Jones, but the question is: how well? Jones had his best season ever last year, while Tomlinson's production has been declining. I have no doubt that the Jets intend to feature Greene as the premier back, but I'm still wondering how much gas LT has left in the tank. Maybe that "revitalizing" thing will come into play here as well. My honest reaction? Both New York and Tomlinson should be very happy with the arrangement and, as the off-season progresses, I'm becoming more and more convinced that "Gang Green" will be the undisputed AFC East favorite heading into the season...


I texted the Tomlinson news to my brother (huge Jets fan). My text read "LT is a Jet". I later found out that he did not understand its meaning because he's in the Air Force. 'LT' and 'Jet' mean completely different things to him...shows you how different our worlds actually are. Lesson learned...

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