Monday, April 12, 2010

Holmes to the Jets

Steelers "dump" Santonio Holmes to Jets for a fifth round pick.

Wow. Despite some off-field issues and a pending suspension, this move was a shocker. I understand that the Steelers are dealing with team image and personnel problems, but giving away a talented receiver in Holmes might be a step in the wrong direction. With the looming threat of more Roethlisberger problems, I'm surprised the Steelers are willing to lose any established receivers which could help out budding QB Dennis Dixon.

Regardless of what the Steelers organization is thinking, the New York Jets are looking at a significantly improved team in 2010. Even with a four game suspension for Holmes heading into the season, "elite" begins to sum up my thoughts of the Jets as well as a clear favorite for not only their devision, but for the conference and, yeah, maybe even the Super Bowl...just throwing that out there.

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