Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mr. McNabb goes to Washington


I'm pretty surprised that Washington, of all teams, came out of the pile with possession. I figured one of the other teams, mainly Oakland, would be the new home for McNabb. I was confident he'd be traded before the Draft with the buzz that the Eagles really were searching for more picks. But when I read the news of this trade, I realized how smart the Redskins are for making this move, and how it actually makes perfect sense for both teams.

The Redskins have been looking for a spark to get their team on track again. It failed with the return of Joe Gibbs, it failed with Jim Zorn. But now Mike Shanahan's in the picture, and with him: a seasoned Quarterback, not an unproven rookie, but someone we all know can hack it. McNabb brings experience, excitement and, most of all, confidence to the struggling Skins. It seemed that D.C. had a very hard time wrapping their heads around Jason Campbell (who might be hitting the road after this), but I'm sure the team can get behind McNabb and focus on a bright future, instead of wallowing in the troubles of the recent past.

McNabb is not the final solution for Washington, but it's certainly a ray of hope. I'm still expecting them to draft a young quarterback early who can start fresh and learn from McNabb, but maybe they'll wait until later in the draft (maybe not though as they have no 2nd or 3rd round picks). But the bottom line is the Skins can feel better knowing that they have a quarterback they can believe in. And if you look at the top teams in the league, having that means everything.

As for the Eagles, they can look toward their future. Kevin Kolb, come on down! He has proven he can win and the team is officially in his hands. Now it's time to see if he can succeed where McNabb has failed and take the Eagles to the Super Bowl. No easy task...

Did I mention I was excited for the upcoming season?

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