Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 Season Predictions

With the regular season rapidly approaching, I'd like to take a few moments to make some predictions for the upcoming year:

The Lions won't be the worst team in the NFL, and will win 5 games.

The Jets will not win the Super Bowl. (gasp)

The Bills will win 1 game...barely.

The Patriots won't make the playoffs.

The Redskins will beat the Eagles...twice.

The Cowboys will win a playoff game.

The Ravens will win the Super Bowl.

...I could turn this into a game of Fact or Fiction. What does everyone think?


  1. You are terrible at predictions

  2. Sup Alex; I think the Lions are gonna surge & get at least 5 wins. Rams or Bills will take their top draft spot in 2011 from last April.

    I like the Cowboys & Colts to go to the Super Bowl. Jets will enjoy a good play run though.

    As stated above, I think the Bill could hold the worst record in the NFL. Chan Gailey's coaching ability it Very Suspect to me. The whispers of the Bills being Good after Ralph Wilson is not owning the Bills will commence.

    The Pats will be a Good team this year but I think they will be a WildCard team in January. If they happen to shock the world (or at least some)and make the AFC Championship game, it'll be mostly road games.

    I see the Redskins getting hoodspa and beating the Eagles twice. McNabb will be ready and Shanahan will have his squad prepared to battle.

    I think the Cowboys will go to the Super Bowl. They will be there between this year and 2012 season. Remind me of the early 90's Cowboys. I pick the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl in 2011 but Colts keep me in check with what they can do.


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