Thursday, September 30, 2010

Start Your Morning With OchocincO's

Chad Ochocinco has released his own cereal brand. And the punchline, (as if that first sentence wasn't enough) - the children's charity number that was printed on the box actually directs customers to a phone sex line. Oh Ocho...

Continuing in the grand image of Flute Flakes, NFL stars everywhere have started providing America with healthy alternatives in their own cereal selection...


Or how about Henne Bunches of Oats!

And who can forget the always popular Ray Rice Krispies!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3 Top 10

Chris and I both agreed that this week's Top 10 was the toughest yet. We even argued about the top two teams, and you'd be surprised who I initially picked (but I'm not telling). Eighteen teams find themselves at either 3-0 or 2-1, but not all of them can find themselves on this NFL Reaction list. Here we go:

1. Colts - Peyton Manning equals wins, week 1's setback won't happen again without a fight. (AB)
2. Steelers - If the return of Big Ben makes this team better, he could find himself one ring behind Terry Bradshaw. (CL)
3. Jets - Thugs or not, Rex Ryan changed the mentality of his team and the trajectory of a franchise. (CL)
4. Saints - Despite kicking issues and a lack of Reggie Bush, they'll find a way to win. (AB)
5. Packers - Good offense. Good Defense. Stupid Penalties. (CL)
6. Eagles - Vick has control of the team, and the Eagles have control of the NFC East. (AB)
7. Patriots - The offense looks like its old self again. But giving up 30 to the Bills? (CL)
8. Bears - Cutler has elite QB stats and actually looks like one too. (AB)
9. Chiefs - Making a statement, one game at a time. (AB)
10. Falcons - You beat the Saints, you make the top 10. 'Nuff said. (CL)

Honorable Mentions - Texans, Ravens. Like I said, this was a tough list.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And Then There Were Three

News: After week 3 of the 2010 NFL season, three teams remain undefeated: Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Reaction: It's any team's year. For all the Vikings and Cowboys fans who were ready to set their sites on the 2011 draft, hope is not yet lost. Starts of 1-2 and 2-1 are the norm heading into week 4 as only eight of the 32 NFL teams find themselves with either all or no wins. In fact, every playoff team from 2009 is either 1-2 or 2-1.

To the teams with no wins (Bills, Browns, Lions, Panthers, 49ers), it's not over but it's not a good sign. You may want to keep your eye on college football just in case.

A word about each of the undefeated teams:

Kansas City Chiefs: Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles have more than 450 yards combined on the ground? Is this the same Todd Haley that ran the 2008 Cardinals offense? If Cassell and his receiving unit could step it up, the Chiefs could be... an offensive juggernaut? Is this possible?

Okay, so there are lots of questions here but they are playing well and let's not overlook what Romeo Crennel has done to wake up this defense.

Chicago Bears: Though none of their wins against Detroit, Dallas or Green Bay could be considered dominant performances, the Bears find themselves at 2-0 in the division and 3-0 in the conference and overall. Jay Cutler is finally looking more like the QB that Chicago was hoping would arrive last year and there's something special about that Johnny Knox (even aside from his cool name). On the flip side, their running game must improve if they'd like to continue on this path. Matt Forte's receiving yards nearly double his rushing yards. With the way the Bears defense has been playing against the run, I'd have to imagine that Forte and Taylor haven't rushed a yard on them in practice.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Peter King of Sports Illustrated picked the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. People laughed. The Steelers didn't. If you haven't seen what the Pittsburgh's defense looks like this year, you don't watch NFL highlight shows.

After 3 weeks, they are undefeated but ranked dead last in the league in passing. Hmmm, what could they possibly do to improve the pass game?

If the Steelers beat the Ravens on Sunday, it's not the black and gold's talent that teams will have to worry about, it will be their heart, attitude and mettle.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bills Oust Edwards

The Buffalo Bills release "franchise" (I use that term very loosely) quarterback Trent Edwards.

The Bills react-fast/fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude toward "building" (another loose term)  their team in the past years has gotten them nowhere. As NFL writer Gregg Rosenthal so eloquently tweeted: "No one gives up on a plan faster than the Bills. They change course every few weeks. Zero long-term vision." And that lack of vision will continue to get them zero.

Monday Morning Notes

Here are ten notes I took while perusing the plethora of games yesterday:

1) The Saints may be the defending champs, but they're not invincible. The Falcons look pretty darn good. The battle for the NFC South could very well come down to the end between these two teams. A week 16 rematch? Holy Crap.
2) The Giants need help...big time. Eli needs to calm down and make smart decisions. Two, TWO turnovers in the redzone? This team needs to clean up their act and work on controlling the game AND the football, or it's going to be a very long season.
3) Pittsburgh - one word - "gulp". The Ravens better take these boys down a peg next week or there might be no stopping them. This team looks unbeatable...with or without Ben.
4) Is New England's defense that bad, or did Fitzpatrick actually "spark" the Bills offense?
5) It's official, San Francisco sucks. They have talent, but is the coaching holding them back? Regardless, they will probably win their division at 7-9, or the Seahawks will take it...whatever.
6) The Cowboys still own Texas. Take a breather 'Boys, after the bye there's Tennessee and Minnesota...
7) Favre looks old. Peterson looks young...and healthy...and good. I'll leave it at that.
8) Sam Bradford might be a superhero.
9) The Chiefs could actually win the AFC West...the Chiefs!
10) Rex Ryan will do whatever it takes to win games. Whatever it takes.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Money Down: Week 3 Best Bets

We've seen two weeks of NFL action and that means gambling degenerates from around the country think they've seen enough to place some "informed" bets. It's all opinion; there's no science to selecting weekly favorites but this contributor will do what he can to influence your decisions. Here goes:

Line: Bengals at Panthers with an Over/Under of 38.5
Pick: Over
Reason: Chad, T.O., Steve Smith. If these guys can't muster up 39 points, they should quit.

Line: Saints at home giving 3 points to the Falcons
Pick: Saints
Reason: Last week was a little bit of a hiccup for the champs. This week, they are home and only giving away three points? Are you kidding me? And let's face it: Matt Ryan is called Matty Ice because he drank a lot of Natural "Natty" Ice in high school, not because he is that great at QB. Take New Orleans.

Line: Texans at home giving 2.5 points to the Cowboys
Pick: Cowboys
Reason: The Cowboys have to win. The Texans do not. Every NFL show has spent the last week citing statistics about the dreary future for teams that start 0-3. Call me crazy but I believe America's team will pull it together for a W... or at least keep it close enough to cover.

***Betting lines taken from today's New York Daily News.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Alex's Week 3 Picks

I'm 17-15 on the season, so I need to have a big week to get some momentum going...

NE, NO, Min, Bal, Hou, SF, NYG, Pit, Cin, Phi, Was, Oak, SD, Ind, NYJ, GB

And if you're not already playing, check out and put your picks up against the guys from Inside the NFL!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 2 Top 10

This will most likely be a weekly Wednesday thing. Chris and I split the comments but came up with a pretty even consensus about the teams. Ok, here we go:

1. Saints - Could have played better vs SF but pulled it out like Champs. (CL)
2. Packers - Best team in the NFC...besides the Saints. (AB)
3. Texans - Big comeback vs the 'Skins, can they do anything?. (AB)
4. Colts - Peyton isn't ready to give his MVP status to Aaron Rodgers just yet. (CL)
5. Steelers - They could start Kordell Stewart with the way their D is playing. (CL)
6. Jets - If Sanchez can play that well every week, the Jets will go to the Super Bowl. (AB)
7. Dolphins - Sunday against the Jets will be a true test for the fish. (AB)
8. Ravens - New weapons doesn't mean new team, stick with what you're good at. (AB)
9. Patriots - As long as Brady and Belichick are at the helm, they will be in contention. (CL)
10. Bears - This can't last, can it? (CL)

18 and Life to Go: A Letter to Roger Baddell and the Extended Season Injury Impact

Dear Roger,

I have a proposition for you. How would you like a 12.5 percent pay increase? (Don't worry; I won't embarrass you by printing the actual dollars to which that would translate.) The only catch to my offer is that you'll have to work 12.5 percent more hours... And you increase your chances of getting hurt on the job by 12.5 percent (and probably more than that if I actually crunched the numbers but I dropped Probability and Discrete Math in high school for the all important second study hall)... And if that injury affects your performance, we won't renew your contract... And if that injury is really bad, we won't even honor your existing contract. Sound like a good deal? Let me know.

Chris Legentil

Increasing the NFL season to 18 games is a bad idea if you care about player health (and the NFL front office does, right? That's the reason it protects the quarterbacks, right? Riiiiiiight). In this case, the NFL front office cites "pleasing fans" as its motivation to consider an 18 game schedule. Season ticket holders are forced into buying their seats for both preseason home games as part of their package and, much to the fans' chagrin, the preseason is filled with lackluster performances and very little playing time for starters. By adding two games to the regular season, the NFL would be pleasing its fans by eliminating two of the four meaningless preseason games.

Wow, what a simple solution: NFL games are good, so more NFL games would mean more good... or gooder. (Yikes. Did I drop my English class senior year as well?) Why stop at two games? If we jump the amount of games to 32, we could double the amount of NFL goodness. Okay, maybe that's stretching it. Let's stick with two. After all, the NFL would just be increasing the season length by 12.5 percent and teams could bump up players' salaries accordingly for their troubles.

Adding two games shouldn't be that big of a deal. Realistically, how many players could possibly get injured in two games?

Reggie Bush, Casey Hampton, Kevin Faulk, Ryan Grant, Jason Witten, Kevin Kolb, Matthew Stafford. The list goes on.

Here's a hint: Teams don't play their players in preseason because they are afraid of the players getting hurt!

Hurt players could mean a ruined season for a team. Hurt players could also mean a ruined life for the injured and their families. Maybe that's the extreme case but by increasing the length of the season, you either shorten the average career length of the players or water down the talent pool by expanding rosters to avoid/accommodate injuries. Either way, it's not the fans who are making out.

More on the real reason behind the proposed 18 game season in the near future. It's not even 9 a.m. and I already have agita.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andy Reid Changes His Mind

One day after naming Kevin Kolb the starter, Andy Reid announces that it will, in fact, be Michael Vick who starts under center.

I wonder if Andy Reid checks blogs and twitter...

He should have just kept Vick the starter to begin with, now it looks like Reid is being swayed by gossip, and he's certainly going to get flak for this one...regardless, Vick will certainly be one (if not THE) positive addition to the Eagles lineup come Sunday.

Quarterback Sneak

-San Fran's Alex Smith shows poise and leadership against the defending champs.
-Manning vs Manning proves who really is the best.
-Sam Bradford shows the NFL he's ready and willing.
-Mark Sanchez is not Matt Leinart.
-Carolina's rookie Jimmy Clausen will get his first career start on Sunday against Cincinnati.
-Kevin Kolb will start Sunday for the Eagles.

As I watched the Monday night game last night I noticed two things. First, the Saints can handle anything you throw at them (literally), but we already knew that. And two, Alex Smith can be a pretty darn good quarterback. I don't know what happened that second half but we saw glimpses of Steve Young in Alex Smith. He was poised, confident, and delivered masterful drives down the field against the Saints reeling defense. Will we see more of this in the season ahead? I certainly hope so. If Smith can consistently play at the level he showed us last night, the 49ers can not only win their division but venture a little further than most anticipate.

I'll admit the Giants didn't look all that great, and once again, I'm less than impressed with their playmaking abilities, but can Eli really be considered one of the better QBs of all time? Peyton, on the other hand (with some help from the run game this time), showed he is still the Manning to be reckoned with. Watching him lead drive after drive of successful plays just reiterated how good this guy really is. The Colts may not have a stout defense, but that's never really stopped him before...

Sam Bradford looks darn good playing on one of the worst teams in the NFL. If he were playing for a more complete team, his name would be in headlines everywhere.

Mark Sanchez showed promise and ability, and actually outplayed Tom Brady. It's amazing what a little confidence can do and I seriously think that's what Sanchez was lacking against the Ravens. The Baltimore defense scared him and he got flustered, but he manned up against the Pats and had three TDs to show for it. His main problem is inconsistency. He showed signs of prominence last year, but throw in one bad day and people start writing him off faster than a New York Minute.

John Fox has decided to pull Matt Moore and give the new kid, Jimmy Clausen a chance...against the Bengals, who's defense last week made the infallible Joe Flacco look pretty pathetic. The upside is that this will hopefully get the Panthers back to running the football with their two pronged rushing attack in Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Getting back to basics might actually give the Panthers a shot at winning some games. But hey good luck're gonna need it.

Despite some serious sparks from 2nd-string QB Mike Vick, Philadelphia Coach Andy Reid will start Kevin Kolb next weekend. I dont know how much more I feel like discussing this, so I'll put it this way - I may not agree with the choice, but I completely understand it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

In Defense of Defense

On separate drives, Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs were penalized for contacting Carson Palmer in the Ravens 15-10 loss to the Bengals. Both calls pushed Cincinnati into field goal range and kicker Mike Nugent made both attempts.

Who is the NFL front office kidding? The rules put in place over the past decade to protect the quarterback have about as much to do with player safety as the ban on mid-game tweets. The NFL wants offense and more specifically, passing offense. The easiest way to keep a prolific passing game in top form is to hinder the ability of those whose job it is to hinder the ability of the quarterback.

On Sunday, future Hall-of-Fame linebacker Ray Lewis was called for a tripping penalty when he was blocked into Palmer and Palmer fell over Lewis' legs. Terrell Suggs was called for roughing the passer as he attempted to sack Palmer. After Suggs made his leap, Palmer got off his throw and was driven to the ground by the airborn Suggs.

If you can't hit the quarterback high and you can't hit the quarterback low, you have to hit the quarterback in the middle. As the defender lunges toward the quarterback's midsection, how can he possibly see if the QB threw the pass yet? More importantly, even if the defender notices the QB successfully got off the pass, how can he stop himself on a dime?

Ravens coach John Harbaugh had similar questions at the post-game press conference. “It’s hard for us, right now, to determine what roughing the passer is," Harbaugh stated. "If that’s roughing the passer, I mean, I don’t know how you’re supposed to get Carson Palmer, a 250-pound quarterback, down.” Exactly, Jim. You're not supposed to.

Despite what the highlight reel splicers favor in the halls of Bristol, Conn. at ESPN, football fans love great plays on offense AND defense. Take it from a blogger whose beloved Steelers have mustered up an average of 116 passing yards through two games as the team's third and fourth string quarterbacks battle for playing time, defense is exciting. Pittsburgh clobbered the Titans yesterday by forcing seven turnovers... and viewers certainly got there money's worth.

From the locker room on Sunday, a frustrated Lewis said, “There are so many rules that take away from the game [of football].” Unfortunately, he is right. Studio analyst after studio analyst talk about how they played football when "men were men" and the offense wasn't pampered by rules, regulations and refs. For this gridiron fan, I'd rather see the overall state of football in good health than my quarterback... but that's easy for me to say... the Black & Gold are 2-0.

Vick Back in Business

Michael Vick starts his first game in four years and excels.

Has Vick earned the right to lead his team (or any team) as a weekly starter? I'd give him one or two more games, but he's certainly proving he can hack it. There's no doubt in my mind that he'd be starting the rest of the season...if it weren't for Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles are in a tight spot with their quarterbacks. On the one side they have Mike Vick, who has lead the team to a prominent start. On the other, you have Kevin Kolb, the Reid-proclaimed starter and "The Guy" in Philadelphia. Yes, when Andy Reid traded McNabb in the offseason, he made a bold statement: McNabb is the past, Kolb is the future. 

But when your so called "future" looks as confused as a rookie and gets concussed the first game in, people start to panic. In comes the savior, Michael Vick, who takes over, throws for 175 yards, rushes for another 103, and nearly brings the team back from what looked like a hopeless deficit. Performance aside, Vick brought something else with him when he stepped on the field. Call it Excitement, call it poise, call it confidence...but it was definitely something intangible that the team responded to. In what seemed like an instant, the Eagles went from looking like a befuddled mess to a playoff caliber team. And we saw it again on Sunday in Detroit.

Was Kolb too hurt to play Sunday against the Lions? Maybe. Can you disregard the fact that you were confident enough to dump a possible hall-of-famer and leave your team in the hands of this guy? No. But if you were Andy Reid, would you really be urging the doctors to make sure Kolb is healthy? Maybe you're secretly thankful for this little concussion - the Eagles might have been 0-2. We know Kolb's the future in Philly, and he'll probably be starting the next 14 games, but when your backup is making waves and turning heads, can you really ignore it? Especially when his name is Michael Vick?

New Contributor

I'd like to welcome my friend and colleague Chris Legentil to the team. Chris will be contributing his thoughts and reactions alongside my own. And he's a Pittsburgh fan. That's right, a Ravens fan and a Steelers fan working together...who says we can't all get along? But hey, we like to keep things objective here. This should certainly help.

Welcome Chris, we look forward to your posts!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 2 Picks

So I had an abysmal start to the season with a 7-9 record...trying to redeem myself this week:

bal, car, gb, min, dal, phi, atl, kc, ten, den, oak, ne, hou, sd, ind, no

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rich Eisen's New Blog

I'm currently listening to Rich Eisen's podcast on his new blog. Check it out.

And speaking of Rich, I revisited his 40 yard dash at this years combine...great stuff.

Week 1 Top 10

Here are my top 10 teams going into week 2...

1. New Orleans Saints - picking up right where they left off...winning

2. Baltimore Ravens - the defense looks outstanding, and the new offense scary

3. New England Patriots - back to their old selves

4. Green Bay Packers - the NFC North is in their hands

5. Houston Texans - surprise!

6. Minnesota Vikings - they should bounce right back against the Dolphins

7. Indianapolis Colts - can you really ever count them out?

8. Tennessee Titans - will Chris Johnson get 2K again? at this rate...

9. Pittsburgh Steelers - so they CAN win without Big Ben

10. Washington Redskins - they just beat the early NFC East (and, um, Super Bowl) favorite...what

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ravens 10 - Jets 9

Ravens defeat Jets in a defensive grind.

With Baltimore starting the game -3 in turnovers, I thought it would be very hard for them to pull out a win against a fearsome (and now infamous) New York Jets. But the Ravens defense was even more ferocious. They held the Jets offense to virtually nothing and more than made up for any mistakes by the offense. We saw glimpses of what the Ravens new pass attack is capable of and I think lesser teams should be very worried if Baltimore is on their schedule.

As for the Jets, their #1 ranked defense in 2009 is back and even better. Their task now is finding balance and rhythm on offense with quarterback Mark Sanchez leading the way. LT is still in good form, but I'm sure a lot of fans and experts out there are wondering if the young Shonn Greene can effectively replace Thomas Jones. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Texans 34 - Colts 24

Texans open the season with a huge win over their rival Colts.

There's no denying it, the Texans looked solid. They just showed the NFL world that they are ready to compete for the playoffs and more..they are the real deal. Is this a sign of things to come? Could we see the Texans taking the AFC South title from the reigning clutches of the Indianapolis Colts? One thing is for certain, the Houston Texans should feel very good after today, and be excited for the season ahead of them.

Lions Controversial Call?

With less than a minute to go, Calvin Johnson catches the ball in the end zone (in spectacular fashion), maintains possession and "let's go" of the ball as he moves to get up...

I understand the ruling as he should maintain possession to the ground, but I disagree with what they deemed "to the ground". Johnson was on his butt and rolled to get up and actually placed the ball on the turf. As he moved to get up he lets the ball go/it slips out of his hand, (whichever you believe). Regardless however, at that point the ball was on the ground. I feel it should have been ruled a touchdown as he maintained possession and the play should be stopped as the ball hits the ground after he was down. But hey, that's my opinion...I'd love to hear yours.

Week 1 Picks

In cased you missed my tweet this morning:

@nflreaction: Week 1 picks: atl, nyg, ind, den, ten, mia, cle, det, ne, stl, sf, gb, dal, bal, sd

Saturday, September 11, 2010


East Setauket, Long Island, New York. I was sitting in English class my senior year of High School when the announcement came over the PA system. A plane had struck the World Trade Center. I had also recently gotten my drivers license and it was the first day I drove to school. I will never forget...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saints 14 - Vikings 9

Game 1 of the 2010 Season is in the books.

While I admit this game was far less exciting than the last time these two teams met, this was a good indication of things to come. The Saints look like a very, very physical team that can not only pass anywhere and everywhere, but can also pound the football with the rest of them. The Vikings didn't have it all together tonight and as Cris Collinsworth commented - they looked like they just haven't played together. 

It might take a few weeks for Minnesota to get into a solid rhythm, and the Saints may already be there (minus their kicking issues), but I have no doubt that both of these teams have playoff potential...

Inside the NFL at the NYSE

Here's a piece I produced and edited featuring the guys from Inside the NFL. On September 8th, they rang the bell opening the day for the New York Stock Exchange. Enjoy!

As always, I would love to hear your comments and feedback. Be sure to watch the new season of Inside the NFL, Wednesdays at 9/8c only on Showtime! For more fun stuff check out

2010 Season Kickoff

Well, it's finally here. The 2010 NFL Season kicks off in less than eight hours and I'm celebrating with my first game pick of the year!

It's a rematch of the 2009 NFC Championship game as the Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints.

It should be an exciting matchup quite similar to the one we experienced in January. Both teams look strong going into the pre-season, and with the Vikings reconnection with Favre, they could be picking up right where they left off...losing to the Saints. The defending Super Bowl Champs leave little doubt that they have what it takes to put up big numbers and a strong season. So for my first pick of the 2010 season, I'm going with the Saints to beat the Vikings (again), 28-24.

Enjoy the game everyone, and hello to the 2010 NFL Season!

Tom Brady Accident

Tom Brady was apparently involved in a high-impact car accident...

Patriots fans everywhere are certainly praying for the best. Everyone else however...

Just kidding! We sincerely hope he's not seriously injured.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Onion's Team-by-Team Analysis

Compelling...and hilarious. Link

I'm still laughing.

Ray Lewis Old Spice Ad

For those of you who haven't seen it yet:

I don't know what to say. To quote Seinfeld: "He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can't look away."

Actually, I couldn't help but laugh when I first saw this commercial. It is absurd, tasteless, ridiculous, and fantastic...that's what I love about Old Spice's advertising. Name some other commercials that spark so much conversation (I can't think of any). Yes I also like seeing the Baltimore Ravens cast into the media spotlight, but I must admit I'm partial to Isaiah Mustafa's appearance as the "Old Spice Guy". Ray Lewis is, well, Ray Lewis (and a terrible actor, but hey it's still funny). Regardless, I do enjoy this commercial and its message of humor and pleasant smelling products. Keep up the good work Old Spice...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Official 2010 Season Picks

Ok everyone here we go (those of you who read some of the other blogs I frequent may have already seen these):


East - Jets
North - Ravens
West - Chargers
South - Colts

Wild Cards - Bengals, Texans

East - Cowboys
North - Packers
West - 49ers
South - Saints

Wild Cards - Giants, Vikings

Super Bowl:
Packers - Colts (unbiased)
Packers - Ravens (biased)

Any questions?

Thursday, September 2, 2010 2010 QB Rankings

Ok, i've arranged the (possible) starting Quarterbacks around the league into a power ranking chart... Part of it is based on how well I think they will perform, some of it is based on how much their team benefits with them under center, but mostly it's ranked in order of who I'd pick to play for my team (if I were to start fresh - except for Big Ben, I ranked him high because he's a great quarterback, not because I like offense Steeler fans)

Anyway, here we are:

1.Drew Brees
2.Peyton Manning
3.Tom Brady
4.Aaron Rodgers
5.B. Roethlisberger
6.Matt Schaub
7.Philip Rivers
8.Carson Palmer
9.Brett Favre
10.Joe Flacco
11.Eli Manning
12.Tony Romo
13.Matt Ryan
14.Donovan McNabb
15.Matt Hasselbeck
16.Kyle Orton
17.Kevin Kolb
18.Chad Henne
19.Jake Delhomme
20.Matt Cassel
21.Alex Smith
22.Jay Cutler
23.Matt Moore
24.Trent Edwards
25.Jason Campbell
26.Matthew Stafford
27.Mark Sanchez
28.Vince Young
29.David Garrard
30.Derek Anderson
31.Byron Leftwich
32.Sam Bradford
33.Josh Freeman
34.Matt Leinart

So there we have it, please comment away and let me know your thoughts as well!

Anyone else ready for some football??? :-D

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