Friday, September 24, 2010

Alex's Week 3 Picks

I'm 17-15 on the season, so I need to have a big week to get some momentum going...

NE, NO, Min, Bal, Hou, SF, NYG, Pit, Cin, Phi, Was, Oak, SD, Ind, NYJ, GB

And if you're not already playing, check out and put your picks up against the guys from Inside the NFL!


  1. What's your lock of the week? Pats/Bills or Ravens/Browns?

  2. ill go with Ravens to be my Lock, and pats to be my "shoe in"

  3. Nice Picks Alex.

    I like PHI too because of their resurgance with Mike Vick starting and I'm not too big on JAX despite the fact that I expect them to have a better yr. this yr.

    I actually like the Chiefs over the Niners because I think they will use their "One of the Loudest Stadiums in the NFL" favor to their advantage and they will do work also. Talented team. But so is San Fran. It'll be Fun.

    Call Me Crazy or Call Me your Uncle LeRoy but I think the Pats/Bills game will be really entertaining and not a one way show like some are expecting. I'm not expecting the Bills to do a lot this year (Sorry Bills Fans especially Turk Schonert) but I think that they will put up a Good fight during this game. I do take the Pats though.

  4. in regards to the Bills, here's an excerpt from an article I just read on

    -Actual tweet from ESPN's Adam Schefter on Monday: "Bills HC Chan Gailey announced that he is looking for a spark and that Ryan Fitzpatrick will start at QB Sunday at the Patriots." When "looking for a spark" and "Ryan Fitzpatrick" are in the same sentence, you know your season's over. -

  5. Ha! Nice Alex. Schefty has a Good Point there because I know that Fitzpatrick hasn't been known to spark excitement but I gotta snicking suspicion on Week 3. Let's Watch!


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