Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And Then There Were Three

News: After week 3 of the 2010 NFL season, three teams remain undefeated: Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Reaction: It's any team's year. For all the Vikings and Cowboys fans who were ready to set their sites on the 2011 draft, hope is not yet lost. Starts of 1-2 and 2-1 are the norm heading into week 4 as only eight of the 32 NFL teams find themselves with either all or no wins. In fact, every playoff team from 2009 is either 1-2 or 2-1.

To the teams with no wins (Bills, Browns, Lions, Panthers, 49ers), it's not over but it's not a good sign. You may want to keep your eye on college football just in case.

A word about each of the undefeated teams:

Kansas City Chiefs: Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles have more than 450 yards combined on the ground? Is this the same Todd Haley that ran the 2008 Cardinals offense? If Cassell and his receiving unit could step it up, the Chiefs could be... an offensive juggernaut? Is this possible?

Okay, so there are lots of questions here but they are playing well and let's not overlook what Romeo Crennel has done to wake up this defense.

Chicago Bears: Though none of their wins against Detroit, Dallas or Green Bay could be considered dominant performances, the Bears find themselves at 2-0 in the division and 3-0 in the conference and overall. Jay Cutler is finally looking more like the QB that Chicago was hoping would arrive last year and there's something special about that Johnny Knox (even aside from his cool name). On the flip side, their running game must improve if they'd like to continue on this path. Matt Forte's receiving yards nearly double his rushing yards. With the way the Bears defense has been playing against the run, I'd have to imagine that Forte and Taylor haven't rushed a yard on them in practice.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Peter King of Sports Illustrated picked the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. People laughed. The Steelers didn't. If you haven't seen what the Pittsburgh's defense looks like this year, you don't watch NFL highlight shows.

After 3 weeks, they are undefeated but ranked dead last in the league in passing. Hmmm, what could they possibly do to improve the pass game?

If the Steelers beat the Ravens on Sunday, it's not the black and gold's talent that teams will have to worry about, it will be their heart, attitude and mettle.


  1. I know Chris is a Happy Man!

    Chiefs looked Awesome out of the gate vs. SD. They are gonna be ones to watch and I say be in the playoffs for the first time in about 8 seasons!

    Da Bears are shocking folks! They are getting it done with Offensive Guru Mike Martz and Jay Cutler's gridiron barrel arm. When Lovie is on the hot seat, the team has extra incentive to keep things Lovie Dovie with the bosses in the front office.

    The Steelers! Wow! They are their own team multiple seasons after The Chin retired. I think they are strong and Charlie Batch is doing his thing & I'm not mad at him! They Steelers are showing up better than the Bengals but later in the year, it'll be fun to see how they come out in the playoff picture for the Division Title.

  2. i hate to admit it, but the steelers look like champions...without Ben...sigh


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