Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andy Reid Changes His Mind

One day after naming Kevin Kolb the starter, Andy Reid announces that it will, in fact, be Michael Vick who starts under center.

I wonder if Andy Reid checks blogs and twitter...

He should have just kept Vick the starter to begin with, now it looks like Reid is being swayed by gossip, and he's certainly going to get flak for this one...regardless, Vick will certainly be one (if not THE) positive addition to the Eagles lineup come Sunday.


  1. Yeah I was shocked by this! But PFT reminded us that Reid & Eagles named McNabb their starter in January and then the trade on Easter Sunday nullified that promise. Now Vick is starting after Reid already said that Kolb would start if healthy. I like Vick being the starter but it has to be tough on Kolb. I didn't want D-Mac traded but since that's the reality I'm glad that Vick is in there. I hope he does well and they go far with Vick.

  2. Someone at the Eagles forewarned Reid of this possible backlash that Alex pointed out. It looks as if the Eagles will use an injured offensive line as the reason for the change. The system was set for Kolb to be a Pennsylvania pocket passer but with an injury-filled line, the Eagles need Vick's mobility. I'll, at least, half buy that. Though I still don't know what's wrong with saying that you want to go with the hot hand.

  3. Reid is certainly playing this one media-friendly, as I expected he would, but in today's NFL there should be nothing wrong with pressing the bet...If you consider the Kolb/Vick situation a serious gamble like I do, then when you're on a hot streak - let it ride!

    Reid should have just come out initially and said "Vick is the starter because he gives us the best chance to win games." End of story. Reid might have gotten heat for changing his mind and not going with Kolb, but now he seems incredibly wishy-washy and indecisive. Most people will side with a coach that wants to win games. Wouldn't you?

    Now if Vick comes out Saturday and chokes against the Jaguars, then Reid's looking at a whole new set of problems...but hey, thats gambling for ya.


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