Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lions Controversial Call?

With less than a minute to go, Calvin Johnson catches the ball in the end zone (in spectacular fashion), maintains possession and "let's go" of the ball as he moves to get up...

I understand the ruling as he should maintain possession to the ground, but I disagree with what they deemed "to the ground". Johnson was on his butt and rolled to get up and actually placed the ball on the turf. As he moved to get up he lets the ball go/it slips out of his hand, (whichever you believe). Regardless however, at that point the ball was on the ground. I feel it should have been ruled a touchdown as he maintained possession and the play should be stopped as the ball hits the ground after he was down. But hey, that's my opinion...I'd love to hear yours.


  1. That call was BS. Johnson had the ball, took the steps and was down. That rule was created for plays like the Super Bowl last year where the reciever lost possesion of the ball after INITIAL contact with the ground AS he was making the catch. Johnson already made the catch and was in the "process" of standing up as he let go of the ball. By the NFL's definition then, a WR who catches a ball in the end zone and trips as he goes to celebrate and loses the ball in the process of standing back up should also be ruled incomplete.

  2. couldn't have said it better myself...

  3. That was Rough!! I saw that on "Football Night In America" on NBC & then saw the Lance Moore reviewed TD from Super Bowl XLIV. That was a catch to me for Calvin. I'm sorry that was how the Lions hopeful surging season begins. I still think they can do it this year. Tough Break but I liked Schwartz attitude after the game. No fine for him LOL.

  4. Apparently, the rule was followed to the tee. But rules that even football experts find hard to follow should perhaps be simplified to comport with reality.

  5. well maybe they should have a "common sense" footnote - where if it looks and feels like a catch, it should be a catch!


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