Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Notes

Here are ten notes I took while perusing the plethora of games yesterday:

1) The Saints may be the defending champs, but they're not invincible. The Falcons look pretty darn good. The battle for the NFC South could very well come down to the end between these two teams. A week 16 rematch? Holy Crap.
2) The Giants need help...big time. Eli needs to calm down and make smart decisions. Two, TWO turnovers in the redzone? This team needs to clean up their act and work on controlling the game AND the football, or it's going to be a very long season.
3) Pittsburgh - one word - "gulp". The Ravens better take these boys down a peg next week or there might be no stopping them. This team looks unbeatable...with or without Ben.
4) Is New England's defense that bad, or did Fitzpatrick actually "spark" the Bills offense?
5) It's official, San Francisco sucks. They have talent, but is the coaching holding them back? Regardless, they will probably win their division at 7-9, or the Seahawks will take it...whatever.
6) The Cowboys still own Texas. Take a breather 'Boys, after the bye there's Tennessee and Minnesota...
7) Favre looks old. Peterson looks young...and healthy...and good. I'll leave it at that.
8) Sam Bradford might be a superhero.
9) The Chiefs could actually win the AFC West...the Chiefs!
10) Rex Ryan will do whatever it takes to win games. Whatever it takes.


  1. 49ers fire OC. Guess they also felt it was coaching...doubt this will help them tho.

  2. Trent Edwards is no longer a Bill. Maybe he can be the Steelers 5th string QB.

  3. The Cowboys are looking much better after their comfort zone was disturbed! I think they were a little too high on themselves and maybe now they are seeing themselves as needing to work harder to earn their wins. I think getting a road win sometimes does a team Good.

    The Vikings waking up with a win is also Good News for Brett Favre. He was able to show that he is able to do work and win with whose there. I think they are going to be contenders in the late stretch and the Bears will continue to surprise folks with the competition they'll give them (Remember, its hot seat year for Lovie).


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