Sunday, September 26, 2010

Money Down: Week 3 Best Bets

We've seen two weeks of NFL action and that means gambling degenerates from around the country think they've seen enough to place some "informed" bets. It's all opinion; there's no science to selecting weekly favorites but this contributor will do what he can to influence your decisions. Here goes:

Line: Bengals at Panthers with an Over/Under of 38.5
Pick: Over
Reason: Chad, T.O., Steve Smith. If these guys can't muster up 39 points, they should quit.

Line: Saints at home giving 3 points to the Falcons
Pick: Saints
Reason: Last week was a little bit of a hiccup for the champs. This week, they are home and only giving away three points? Are you kidding me? And let's face it: Matt Ryan is called Matty Ice because he drank a lot of Natural "Natty" Ice in high school, not because he is that great at QB. Take New Orleans.

Line: Texans at home giving 2.5 points to the Cowboys
Pick: Cowboys
Reason: The Cowboys have to win. The Texans do not. Every NFL show has spent the last week citing statistics about the dreary future for teams that start 0-3. Call me crazy but I believe America's team will pull it together for a W... or at least keep it close enough to cover.

***Betting lines taken from today's New York Daily News.


  1. great points, however rookie Jimmy Clausen is QBing for the Panthers and that Bengal Defense looks stout again. If it's OVER, the points will come from the Bengals, but I'd go UNDER on this one.

    I picked the saints too, but as for the Cowboys, you're right - they have to win. BUT whenever they "have to win" they seem to come up short...I smell a new reign over texas...i'm taking Houston.

  2. I don't gamble or follow the spread at all.

    I do like the Falcons this year but regret to see them get one over the Saints. I think they will be special this year and the same for the Texans too *Matt Schaub Connection*. The Texans are a team that are coming into their own and they are ready to do work. A loss to a team that is still a Good Super Bowl Contender to me (Cowboys) is just one game and only Week 3.

  3. 1-2. That's why they call it gambling.

    Good point about Clausen, Alex. I was hoping for some beginner's luck. Instead, I got a sloppy game from Carson "Will I ever string together enough successful performances or seasons to live up to my potential?" Palmer.

    Sometimes when the defending champs are only giving three points to a 1-1 team, there is a reason for it.

    And my "wildcard" pick of the week came in: The Cowboys. Go figure.

  4. When will Bengal's fans admit that Palmer isn't that great of a QB. He had a decent stretch from 05-07 but honestly the rest have been undeniably pedestrian/injury ridden. Unless he puts up stellar numbers this year (unlikely), i feel his stock has fallen too far to recover.

    As for the rest of the games - i'll stick with the same old argument: the NFL has to be the hardest thing in the world to predict. Collinsworth basically said the same thing on this morning. But damn is it entertaining.


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