Thursday, September 2, 2010 2010 QB Rankings

Ok, i've arranged the (possible) starting Quarterbacks around the league into a power ranking chart... Part of it is based on how well I think they will perform, some of it is based on how much their team benefits with them under center, but mostly it's ranked in order of who I'd pick to play for my team (if I were to start fresh - except for Big Ben, I ranked him high because he's a great quarterback, not because I like offense Steeler fans)

Anyway, here we are:

1.Drew Brees
2.Peyton Manning
3.Tom Brady
4.Aaron Rodgers
5.B. Roethlisberger
6.Matt Schaub
7.Philip Rivers
8.Carson Palmer
9.Brett Favre
10.Joe Flacco
11.Eli Manning
12.Tony Romo
13.Matt Ryan
14.Donovan McNabb
15.Matt Hasselbeck
16.Kyle Orton
17.Kevin Kolb
18.Chad Henne
19.Jake Delhomme
20.Matt Cassel
21.Alex Smith
22.Jay Cutler
23.Matt Moore
24.Trent Edwards
25.Jason Campbell
26.Matthew Stafford
27.Mark Sanchez
28.Vince Young
29.David Garrard
30.Derek Anderson
31.Byron Leftwich
32.Sam Bradford
33.Josh Freeman
34.Matt Leinart

So there we have it, please comment away and let me know your thoughts as well!

Anyone else ready for some football??? :-D


  1. Roethlisberger is on a 6 game suspension...Guess that doesn't figure into 2010 performance?

  2. i think it will end up at 4, and he's pleading to get it dropped to 3...regardless, the steelers are undoubtedly a better team with him, and having him for the rest of the season is the only thing that gives the steelers solid playoff hopes

  3. What is your feeling on Lienart vs Anderson?? I think Matt should go but the Cards can't rely on Anderson's wild throwing for long.

  4. sadly i think it will be a similar scenario to what cleveland had last year, but hopefully with less erratic changes between the two qbs...but i think the cards will be looking for a qb in next years draft...

  5. I have Brady on my Fantasy Team! #3 ain't bad!!!

  6. That's some list Alex! I would've gone Peyton Manning first. I think he'll come back Awesome this year. The Super Bowl slump will bypass them. I like Aaron Rodgers at #4, Good call there. With all due respect, I don't think that Kevin Kolb ahead of Vince Young will work. I think the Young will make things happen & keep Nashville happy with at least 7 wins this season. The rest of the list seems pretty much in order IMO. I've been ready for Football since February! LOL

  7. I'm a little surprised by how low you rate Tony Romo. Not that I disagree, per se, because I don't believe his Playoff Disfunction is totally gone, but most people seem to like Romo more than I do.

  8. i dunno, Romo still has something to prove to me...and I don't know if i'd really want him leading my team anymore...i feel the quarterbacks ahead of him in my rankings have proven they can handle leading a team not only through the season, but into the playoffs. He was exciting in his earlier years and everyone kind of jumped on the bandwagon. But where have the cowboys gotten since then? They have been a consistent "good" team, but they've yet to be great in my eyes. Is that Romo's fault? Maybe, maybe not. But all the great teams this decade have one thing in ELITE quarterback.


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