Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Official NFLReaction.com 2010 Season Picks

Ok everyone here we go (those of you who read some of the other blogs I frequent may have already seen these):


East - Jets
North - Ravens
West - Chargers
South - Colts

Wild Cards - Bengals, Texans

East - Cowboys
North - Packers
West - 49ers
South - Saints

Wild Cards - Giants, Vikings

Super Bowl:
Packers - Colts (unbiased)
Packers - Ravens (biased)

Any questions?


  1. Nice picks Alex.

    I like the Jets' determination & good play to win division. I actually take the Bengals to win the North; Now is the time. The Chargers have the right team now to be special. Colts are gonna be themselves! Glad you see the light for the SB Runner-Ups. I like Titans and Ravens in the Wildcard

    Cowboys are gonna show-up this year where they didn't last year. I had to think for a long time about it but I think the Packers will take the title; They don't like the preseason crowned champ Vikes; Niners are serious and for real; Should be Hard Knocks 2011; I Love the Saints but the Falcons are win that division. They'll surprise some people. Wildcards are the Vikings and Giants in my book too.

    I like the Cowboys and Colts in the Super Bowl.

    What do you think the Titans are gonna do this year?

  2. 49ers for the next hard knocks is an intriguing idea...and i think behind the scenes with Singletary would make good TV.

    The Titans have a lot of question marks. I don't see them beating out the Colts at all, and could get a win over the Texans, but I agree with Sports Illustrated taking them 3rd in the division and without a real shot at the playoffs...

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