Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quarterback Sneak

-San Fran's Alex Smith shows poise and leadership against the defending champs.
-Manning vs Manning proves who really is the best.
-Sam Bradford shows the NFL he's ready and willing.
-Mark Sanchez is not Matt Leinart.
-Carolina's rookie Jimmy Clausen will get his first career start on Sunday against Cincinnati.
-Kevin Kolb will start Sunday for the Eagles.

As I watched the Monday night game last night I noticed two things. First, the Saints can handle anything you throw at them (literally), but we already knew that. And two, Alex Smith can be a pretty darn good quarterback. I don't know what happened that second half but we saw glimpses of Steve Young in Alex Smith. He was poised, confident, and delivered masterful drives down the field against the Saints reeling defense. Will we see more of this in the season ahead? I certainly hope so. If Smith can consistently play at the level he showed us last night, the 49ers can not only win their division but venture a little further than most anticipate.

I'll admit the Giants didn't look all that great, and once again, I'm less than impressed with their playmaking abilities, but can Eli really be considered one of the better QBs of all time? Peyton, on the other hand (with some help from the run game this time), showed he is still the Manning to be reckoned with. Watching him lead drive after drive of successful plays just reiterated how good this guy really is. The Colts may not have a stout defense, but that's never really stopped him before...

Sam Bradford looks darn good playing on one of the worst teams in the NFL. If he were playing for a more complete team, his name would be in headlines everywhere.

Mark Sanchez showed promise and ability, and actually outplayed Tom Brady. It's amazing what a little confidence can do and I seriously think that's what Sanchez was lacking against the Ravens. The Baltimore defense scared him and he got flustered, but he manned up against the Pats and had three TDs to show for it. His main problem is inconsistency. He showed signs of prominence last year, but throw in one bad day and people start writing him off faster than a New York Minute.

John Fox has decided to pull Matt Moore and give the new kid, Jimmy Clausen a chance...against the Bengals, who's defense last week made the infallible Joe Flacco look pretty pathetic. The upside is that this will hopefully get the Panthers back to running the football with their two pronged rushing attack in Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Getting back to basics might actually give the Panthers a shot at winning some games. But hey good luck Jimmy...you're gonna need it.

Despite some serious sparks from 2nd-string QB Mike Vick, Philadelphia Coach Andy Reid will start Kevin Kolb next weekend. I dont know how much more I feel like discussing this, so I'll put it this way - I may not agree with the choice, but I completely understand it.

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  1. Nice assessments Alex. I think John Fox is going ahead with starting Jimmy Clausen because he is going to put him in less danger of him losing his job. Not to sound brutal, but I think the Panthers would make a quick change at QB if they were dedicated to Moore despite him having a bad year. Evidentally, QB's first full year is not guaranteed if the coach is on the hot seat. In those cases, a coach can't be on brink of being fired to give a man a chance in his first full year if a veteran.


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