Monday, September 13, 2010

Ravens 10 - Jets 9

Ravens defeat Jets in a defensive grind.

With Baltimore starting the game -3 in turnovers, I thought it would be very hard for them to pull out a win against a fearsome (and now infamous) New York Jets. But the Ravens defense was even more ferocious. They held the Jets offense to virtually nothing and more than made up for any mistakes by the offense. We saw glimpses of what the Ravens new pass attack is capable of and I think lesser teams should be very worried if Baltimore is on their schedule.

As for the Jets, their #1 ranked defense in 2009 is back and even better. Their task now is finding balance and rhythm on offense with quarterback Mark Sanchez leading the way. LT is still in good form, but I'm sure a lot of fans and experts out there are wondering if the young Shonn Greene can effectively replace Thomas Jones. 

1 comment:

  1. I know you're happy about the win Alex! LOL I think the Ravens battled well on Defense! Loved that Ray Lewis & crew got it done. Anquan Boldin got it done like I knew he would. Flacco looked unsettled but I think that he can progress well further in the Reg. I expect Ravens to be Marquee this year. Jets will be Marquee this year as well but they got fed some humble pie. They have to take of their penalties and ensure that Men are stepping up to their position consistently. The O-Line is a concern Mos Deff.


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