Monday, September 20, 2010

Vick Back in Business

Michael Vick starts his first game in four years and excels.

Has Vick earned the right to lead his team (or any team) as a weekly starter? I'd give him one or two more games, but he's certainly proving he can hack it. There's no doubt in my mind that he'd be starting the rest of the season...if it weren't for Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles are in a tight spot with their quarterbacks. On the one side they have Mike Vick, who has lead the team to a prominent start. On the other, you have Kevin Kolb, the Reid-proclaimed starter and "The Guy" in Philadelphia. Yes, when Andy Reid traded McNabb in the offseason, he made a bold statement: McNabb is the past, Kolb is the future. 

But when your so called "future" looks as confused as a rookie and gets concussed the first game in, people start to panic. In comes the savior, Michael Vick, who takes over, throws for 175 yards, rushes for another 103, and nearly brings the team back from what looked like a hopeless deficit. Performance aside, Vick brought something else with him when he stepped on the field. Call it Excitement, call it poise, call it confidence...but it was definitely something intangible that the team responded to. In what seemed like an instant, the Eagles went from looking like a befuddled mess to a playoff caliber team. And we saw it again on Sunday in Detroit.

Was Kolb too hurt to play Sunday against the Lions? Maybe. Can you disregard the fact that you were confident enough to dump a possible hall-of-famer and leave your team in the hands of this guy? No. But if you were Andy Reid, would you really be urging the doctors to make sure Kolb is healthy? Maybe you're secretly thankful for this little concussion - the Eagles might have been 0-2. We know Kolb's the future in Philly, and he'll probably be starting the next 14 games, but when your backup is making waves and turning heads, can you really ignore it? Especially when his name is Michael Vick?


  1. It's important to separate the question of what Andy Reid should do and what Andy Reid will do. The fans will no doubt be screaming for Vick within two offensive plays next week, but my guess is that Reid really does want to stick with Kolb. In this day and age, you can't fool around with concussions, and if there's any week to feel comfortable starting your second-stringer, it's when you play the Lions. (And how comfortable should you feel afterwards, if you only beat the Lions by three?) It might be easier to win with Vick right now. But my guess is that Kolb keeps the job, and that Vick is the starter for a different team next season.

  2. "But my guess is that Kolb keeps the job, and that Vick is the starter for a different team next season."

    Absolutely...And yes maybe I'm jumping on the Vick bandwagon a little prematurely, but he has showed far more promise than anyone had expected. Yes, I have no doubt in my mind that Reid is 100% behind Kolb and thus will be the regular starter...hopefully he succeeds because those Philly fans are brutal.

    Speaking of which, I'm glad to see McNabb doing well in Washington. They were vicious to him in Philly and he deserves credit when its due. Washington is a better team with him under center and I don't think anyone questions that.

  3. Nice Alex; Vick is a Good Quarterback and is able to give hope to the Eagles and their Fans. I feel like he will start somewhere in 2011 because I think that the Eagles are set to make Kolb the starter River Deep-Mountain High. They are not going to be proven wrong or look stupid by replacing Kolb for anyone if Kolb is healthy.
    I'm sorry Kolb got a concussion but I like that Vick has shown he can still ball on the field. I think Vick is a Good QB despite not being as highly regarded as other QBs but I think he can get in some Good wins with the Eagles if he ever started there again. Interesting situation that is once again in the hands of Andy Reid.

  4. I just posted this on

    "Reid has to start kevin kolb. It was the same thing with thompson/mccarthy and Favre/rodgers. you get rid of your future-hall-of-famer/franchise-qb, and you make a statement that you're moving on and you have chosen the future. You've now placed your bet, and you've essentially gone all in on whoever's next in line. Suddenly changing that because of one game or one defining moment, albeit a momentous one, states volumes about your integrity as a coach, and as a football professional.

    I agree that in this day and age you should run with the best chance of winning, because as we all know, owners/players/fans like results, not promises. But Andy Reid placed his bet...he put the Eagles in the hands of Kevin Kolb, it just so happened that Vick got a chance to step in and make a splash. But for Andy Reid its too late, he can't take his bet back just because someone drew a better hand...the chips are on the table, he made is choice, and now he has to stand by it."


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