Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 1 Top 10

Here are my top 10 teams going into week 2...

1. New Orleans Saints - picking up right where they left off...winning

2. Baltimore Ravens - the defense looks outstanding, and the new offense scary

3. New England Patriots - back to their old selves

4. Green Bay Packers - the NFC North is in their hands

5. Houston Texans - surprise!

6. Minnesota Vikings - they should bounce right back against the Dolphins

7. Indianapolis Colts - can you really ever count them out?

8. Tennessee Titans - will Chris Johnson get 2K again? at this rate...

9. Pittsburgh Steelers - so they CAN win without Big Ben

10. Washington Redskins - they just beat the early NFC East (and, um, Super Bowl) favorite...what


  1. Some thoughts:

    You continue to have more faith in the Vikings than I do.

    I'd still put the Cowboys in the top ten instead of the Redskins. I mean, I don't know why the 'Boys were ever Super Bowl favorites, but the Redskins' offense looked totally inept. If the Cowboys can correct even a fraction of their mistakes (and it was the first game, after all), their second game is going to turn out completely differently.

    I love the color-coordination. I really do.

  2. Ravens have the best recievers in the NFL. Flacco needs to relax. Texans might be a one win wonder. Patriots true colors will come out this weekend. My Giants win this weekend and I will have some super comments next week.

  3. This top 10 was more of an argument starter than anything. That being said, I was going to put the Cowboys at 10. However, after losing to the Redskins I'm still waiting to be impressed. Yes anyone would argue that the Cowboys are the better team, and the Redskins probably won't make the playoffs. But I'm waiting to see something spectacular from the Cowboys that would convince me they will get anywhere near the Super Bowl.

    If the Ravens start really clicking offensively, the rest of the league is in trouble, no doubt about it. And the Texans have confidence now, if nothing else. sometimes thats enough to spark something great, but yes we'll see how they're looking in week 5 to make a more final judgement.

    As for the Vikings, they lost to the Saints, the defending champs, thats not a big let-down. If they drop next week to the Dolphins I'll begin to lose some faith.

  4. Hail to the Redskins!!! Any victory over the Demon "Boys" is a good one! If McNabb can settle in I think they have a good chance in the lackluster NFC East. I still say it's way to early to call anyone a sure thing but this year could be a good one for a "Dark Horse." Skins-Texans?? Still Cowboys and Indians eh?

  5. Alright! Alex bringin' the heat!

    I still liek the Colts to do well also this year but I know that it won't be the same kinda year as previously. The first season since like the Flintstones era that they aren't undefeated in September! I also like the Packers to do some surprising this year and even eclipse the Vikings in the NFC North. The Patriots could be well on their way back---but what if Randy Moss decides not to "play" on the field and dogs it because of the contract situation? I wouldn't want that either but is Belichick losing his grip in some regards? I also think that the Saints will be a Contender this year but I still look at the Falcons as a team that could be able to take control of the NFC South. Let's Watch!


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