Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3 Top 10

Chris and I both agreed that this week's Top 10 was the toughest yet. We even argued about the top two teams, and you'd be surprised who I initially picked (but I'm not telling). Eighteen teams find themselves at either 3-0 or 2-1, but not all of them can find themselves on this NFL Reaction list. Here we go:

1. Colts - Peyton Manning equals wins, week 1's setback won't happen again without a fight. (AB)
2. Steelers - If the return of Big Ben makes this team better, he could find himself one ring behind Terry Bradshaw. (CL)
3. Jets - Thugs or not, Rex Ryan changed the mentality of his team and the trajectory of a franchise. (CL)
4. Saints - Despite kicking issues and a lack of Reggie Bush, they'll find a way to win. (AB)
5. Packers - Good offense. Good Defense. Stupid Penalties. (CL)
6. Eagles - Vick has control of the team, and the Eagles have control of the NFC East. (AB)
7. Patriots - The offense looks like its old self again. But giving up 30 to the Bills? (CL)
8. Bears - Cutler has elite QB stats and actually looks like one too. (AB)
9. Chiefs - Making a statement, one game at a time. (AB)
10. Falcons - You beat the Saints, you make the top 10. 'Nuff said. (CL)

Honorable Mentions - Texans, Ravens. Like I said, this was a tough list.


  1. Nice List Men. Love the Love the Colts get despite being out of their usual element of being undefeated this time of year.

    I like the Falcons being on the list. I think they are a surging team like the Texans and the Chiefs who are starting to break into their identity and chemistry.

    Patriots are gonna be questionable this year with the way they are performing. This is not your older brother's Pats anymore. I think they deserve to be on the list but I don't expect them to blow anyone away.

    The Packers are still a Great Team. I like them on Offense because they have an obvious corp of Stars. Also, I think they are gonna be able to hold their own in the entire NFC this year.

  2. Jets at 3 and Bears at 9:( At least bears should improve their ranking


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