Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After numerous concussions and ferocious helmet-to-helmet hits this past Sunday, the NFL is now looking to severely punish players for their actions. Fines and suspensions may accompany any "devastating hits", whether intentional or not. The NFL is showing its concern for players safety and making changes because of it. But wait, the process on expanding the season to 18 games is still underway...what!?

I completely understand the NFL's position. It puts the safety of its players at the top of the list...right after "making a s***load of money". Or can someone else explain this rationale to me?

Some argue that these are two separate issues, but it's obvious they go hand-in-hand. First off, suspending players for devastating hits won't stop them all together, because when you have 800-pound men repeatedly crashing in to one another, someone is bound to get hurt (I mean blocking the Ravens defensive line has to be similar to stopping a 747 mid can anyone think that's safe?). The bottom line is - football is a dangerous sport! Everyone knows this, no one wants to say it. It's part of the reason everyone watches it! How much more exciting would baseball be if players collided head-on during every play? For one thing there wouldn't be 160+ games. Which leads me to the next part of this debacle - extending the season.

In the words of my favorite Monday Night Football analysts: C'mon Man! If the NFL administration is so purposeful in keeping its players healthy and safe, then they have to listen to those players who are complaining about the extra two games. I said before that players are going to get hurt regardless of how many more rules you apply, adding two more games just increases your chances...common sense.

So then what is it? How can the NFL be so adamant about player safety and still want a longer season? Answer (and our daily-double): The NFL is first, and foremost, a business, and if more games means selling more tickets, and ultimately making more money, then so be it right? But it's time to pick one - safety or money. I'm quite sure you guys at the NFL are doing fine, financially, especially when you can pay an unproven rookie millions (but that's another issue, don't even get me started). More people are watching pro football now than every before, so take stock in what you have...arguably the best spectator sport in America, and that's saying a lot. Or go ahead, expand the season, add more rules, change the game as we know it. Hey, let's turn the NFL into a big flag football game with no tackling, and we can have football year-round!

But who on Earth would want to watch that...


  1. The more guys get hurt (and I'm a Packers fan, so I'm worried about A LOT of guys that are hurt), the angrier I get about the 18-game schedule. The two issues absolutely go hand-in-hand, and I hope there's a chance that the players' union can block the longer schedule (although I doubt there is).

  2. with the threat of a lockout looming, there might be too much that the NFLPA and the league offices have to play ball with...we're gonna see a lot of change, or none.

  3. So it'll be like soccer, but you can touch the ball with your hands...

  4. The changes are a PC Patrol for them. They are getting a lot of static about the concussions and the way they are handled in the League.

    As I look at the way the enforcement is explained by the League, I don't think it'll be as bad as expected especially since the hit many experts cited as fineable was the Hit from Meriweather.

    I think it'll be better than expected since Goodell works with others well and I think he'll do that with the Players Committee.


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