Thursday, October 14, 2010

Favre Will "Sling" It

News: The tendinitis in Brett Favre's right elbow has his 289-game consecutive start streak in jeopardy.

Reaction: Brett Favre will start on Sunday vs. the Cowboys. How many times can the media and fans play into Favre's attention-grabbing tricks?

Is he an old man with the aches and pains of an NFL uber-veteran? Yes. Is he also a gridiron warrior who starts and plays every game regardless of what he or his coach have indicated leading up to the game/season? Yes.

His appearance with a sling on his arm after sitting out of practice yesterday is just another line item on the litany of (successful) attempts to stir the pot. More annoying than Farve's antics is everyone buying into them. Look for No. 4 under center Sunday.


  1. oh man, you beat me to the punch...But i'm gonna disagree with you on the attention grabbing part. I think the Media is beyond fascinated with the epic tale that is Brett Favre, but honestly, I think he's looking for a way out...this year clearly isn't going as planned and as the season progresses, the Vikings will either look better or worse, both of which will directly be attributed to Brett, regardless of the whether it's true or not.

    If it's the latter, I foresee Favre finding a way to bow out "gracefully", in a way that won't afford many questions (if that's even possible). On top of that, he has a would-be scandal on his hands. To finally accept the fact that the game is moving on around him and without him is the best idea for both Favre, and (I hate to admit it) the NFL.

  2. Yeah---Brett is going to play. I know this whole thing off the field is a big deal but to Brett I think he's trying to play it cool and be himself. Even if that means drawing more attention to himself. I like his career but Brett does put this situation right into his own hands when we all know he'll play. I think he wants a crack at the Dallas Cowboys and seek to get momentum against another team decorated with Super Bowl predictions, hopes and dreams.


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