Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homer Simms-son

Phil Simms on last night's Inside the NFL on SHOWTIME cited the New York Giants as the No. 1 team in the NFL.

Most people who have followed sports for at least a month know the definition of a "homer." It's a sports commentator that, without admitting it, always roots for one team through his/her sports coverage and analysis. Many ex-players and coaches are guilty of this. Ditka likes the Bears. Cowher likes the Steelers. Collinsworth likes the Bengals. We get it. It's all done with a wink and a nudge.

Last night, however, seemed a little different. CBS/SHOWTIME broadcaster - not to mention former Giants quarterback and Northern New Jersey resident - Phil Simms declared on Inside the NFL that the G Men were the best team in the NFL. Ahead of the Jets. Ahead of the Steelers. Ahead of the Pats, Ravens, the whole AFC...and NFC for that matter.

But there was no wink. There was no nudge. Just a serious platinum blond man sticking to the conviction that his former team is No. 1 in the league.

The Giants are a quality football team and this correspondent agrees that the Giants are often shafted in terms of credit. Recognizing that, NFL Reaction refused to be influenced. This site has had the Giants in the top ten since Week 5. However, there is no way you can tell me that they are No. 1. Here are 3 easy-to-grasp reasons:

1) The Giants were trounced by the Titans and the Colts. Great teams don't lose like that.
2) The Giants could only muster up a 28-20 sloppy win over the Lions at home.
3) The Jets, Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, Colts all exist... and have to play tougher teams because they are in the AFC.

The Giants are good... probably the best in the NFC... but not best in the NFL. Sorry, Phil.


  1. I missed last night's episode, but I'm glad you jumped on that one cause if not I would have. Even though they just trounced a baffled Cowboys team who lost their star QB in the first half, the "G-Men" are hardly worthy of pronounced admiration...yet.

  2. Heh!

    I've noticed that homer side of broadcasters too! It can be funny especially if they try to conceal a smile while picking their team.

    Also, I think the #1 pick of the Giants is not one that will hold up. They are a team that is slightly young and has playmakers but is not going to storm any Gridiron castle like the 2007 G-Men. I think they will be in the playoffs. However, they have to try their hand at playing well against other Good teams and winning convincingly over them before proving they are a Top 5 squad.


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